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UHGD19 Senior Exhibition

Thursday, May 2, 2019

5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

From conception to creation, the 2019 University of Houston Graphic Design Senior Exhibition features the collective work of 26 graduating design students. Join hundreds of creative professionals for this one night event at Ecclesia on Thursday, May 2nd. This is UHGD 2019 in FLUX.

For more information, visit http://uhgd19.design/

Alexa Abad
Karen Alvarenga
Tamila Amanzholova
Jason Cardenas
Maham Choudry
Kristen Fernandes
Jessica Flores
Lulu Flores
Grant Flowers
Ilse Harrison
Donna Karimian
Miryoung Kim
Parichat Kittikornmeta
Milan Mathew
Camilo Monroy
Julia Ong
Clarisse Pinto
Jaalon Pratt
Alex Ramos
Meliza Resendiz
Jesse Reyes
Devin Schumann
Kris Valladares
Manuel Vazquez
Annette Wong
Weston Woodfin

Ecclesia Houston, 1100 Elder Street, Houston, Texas 77007
School of Art