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CASE Workshop: Communicating to Connect and Inspire Action (Canceled)

Saturday, October 5, 2019

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

The Center for Art & Social Engagement (CASE) welcomes Lillian Warren, president of Warren Insight, to campus to host the Culture of Collaborative Leadership Workshops Series. The nine-week series of workshops is designed to provide attendees with the tools to strengthen networks and build potential in creative communities.

Communicating to Connect and Inspire Action, the first in the series of workshops, is a highly participatory workshop for artists, arts administrators, and community leaders focuses on verbal communication and presentation skills.

Verbal communication and presentation skillsare critical whether you are giving an artist talk, presenting to the board, recruiting a team for an artistic collaboration or asking a donor for a contribution. Increase punch and clarity in your message so that it resonates and inspires action while remaining true to your personal style. Reduce anxiety, strengthen delivery and focus your content to connect with your listeners. No matter how skilled you think you are (or aren’t), you can get better.

Targeted for arts professionals with at least two- to three-years' experience. This includes independently practicing artists in the visual arts, music and performance, as well as arts administrators. The workshop is designed with graduate students and/or experienced professionals in mind, and relies on a body of experiences.

Meeting weekly for three weeks, participants will focus on your planning and visual content, improving delivery, and advanced techniques and methodologies.

Discounted packages are available for participants interested in registering for the nine-week series, including all three workshops: Communicating to Connect and Inspire Action, Collaborative Negotiations and Building Productive Teams.

A limited number of scholarships for students are also available. Contact Sixto Wagan at swagan@uh.edu for more information.

Learn more at http://www.uh.edu/kgmca/case/in-the-community/workshop-series/.

MSM 131
$100 general admission, $35 students
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Sixto Wagan, Center for Art & Social Engagement director