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Artist Pop-Up featuring Brandon Ballengée

Thursday, March 25, 2021

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Join artist/biologist Brandon Ballengee for an evening of bug-watching at the “Love Motel for Insects” outside the UH Science Center at 3369 Cullen Blvd! We will look for nocturnal arthropods such as beautiful moths, bold beetles and other segmented critters that are attracted to the ultraviolet lights of the sculpture and go bump in the night! Don’t BUG out, BEE there!

Love Motel for Insects is an ongoing series of public art installations intended to construct situations between humans and arthropods. The works use ultra-violet lights on enormous sculpted canvases to attract insects and create an opportunity for public interactions with nocturnal arthropods, which are not often seen. At each location, the Love Motels become the backdrop for community events such as; picnics, biodiversity festivals, graffiti jams, political rallies, scientific investigations, musical events and even insect film screenings.

The Love Motels for Insects sculptures began in 2001 in Central America. At this time the initial structures were made from battery-powered black lights and bed-sheets placed in the Costa Rican forest floor. Within hours numerous species of flying moths, beetles, caddisflies, ants, lacewings and other arthropods descended on the installation. Female moths released chemical pheromones to attract mates and consequently “painted” the impromptu piece. Fascinated and inspired by this initial experience, further Love Motels for Insects have been fabricated along with public nocturnal field trips around the world. To date versions of the project have debuted on boats in Venice (Italy), peat bogs in Lough Boora (Ireland), isolated moors overlooking Loch Ness (Scotland), bustling shopping malls in Delhi (India), outside Aztec ruins (Mexico), New Haven (USA) inner-city bus stops, rooftops in London (England), temperate forest mountain-sides (South Korea), Louisiana Bayous (USA) and others.

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Love Motel
UH Science Center at 3369 Cullen Blvd
Free event; however, RSVP is required.

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