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UH WiFi Networks

The University of Houston is a Tier 1 university and we support students, faculty, staff and visitors who bring multiple devices needing WiFi connectivity. UH WiFi networks are robust, reliable and highly available. UIT offers a few options for your WiFi needs while on our on-campus that serves our community as well as the numerous visitors that are here each day.

Here is an overview of the University’s WiFi networks:

"UHSecure" Network
The WiFi network for UH Students, Faculty, and Staff

  • Provides secure communications
  • Provides access to campus resources
  • Requires a CougarNet account for access
  • Connect following these four easy steps:
    • Select the UHSecure SSID
    • Login using your CougarNet userID
    • Use your current CougarNet password.
    • If any messages occur that need your acceptance then press accept.

"UHWireless" Network 
The University of Houston's Public (open) WiFi network

  • Is an unencrypted (unsecured) WiFi network
  • Provides access to campus resources and Internet
  • Requires user to open web browser and accept Acceptable Use Policy
  • Does not require a CougarNet account for access

"uhregistered" Network
The University of Houston's network for gaming devices, multi-use printers and smart TV's.

"eduroam" Network
A secure, world-wide roaming Wi-Fi service for the international research and education community

  • Provides secure communications
  • Provides access to campus resources to visiting students, faculty or staff from participating eduroam institutions around the world
  • Allows U of H students, faculty and staff to visit other research sites or universities and access resources via Wi-Fi networks using their Cougarnet ID.
  • Requires valid credentials from home institution
  • For Eduroam connection information visit here.