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UH Wi-Fi Networks

The University of Houston is a Tier 1 university and we support students, faculty, staff and visitors who bring multiple devices needing Wi-Fi connectivity. UH Wi-Fi networks are robust, reliable and highly available. UIT offers a few options for your Wi-Fi needs while on our campus that serves our community as well as the numerous visitors that are here each day.

Here is an overview of the University’s Wi-Fi networks:

"UHSecure" Network
The Wi-Fi network for UH Students, Faculty, and Staff

  • Provides secure communications
  • Provides access to campus resources
  • Requires a CougarNet account for access
  • Connect following these four easy steps:
    • Select the UHSecure SSID
    • Login using your CougarNet userID
    • Use your current CougarNet password.
    • If any messages occur that need your acceptance then press accept.
    • For additional configuration settings, see our UHSecure FAQ

"UHGuest" Network
The University of Houston's Public (open) Wi-Fi network

  • Intended for Guests and Visitors to the campus
  • Is an unencrypted (unsecured) Wi-Fi network
  • Provides Internet access only
  • Does not require a CougarNet account for access

"uhregistered" Network
The University of Houston's network for gaming devices, multi-use printers and smart TV's.

  • Logon to AccessUH and select "Register My WiFi Devices"
  • Find the MAC address on your device and have it handy
  • Once you enter in the required information, your device will be registered and you will be able to use your device immediately on the SSID "uhregistered" network
  • "uhregistered" is a hidden SSID. That means you will will have to select an option on your device to manually enter the name of the network. Once you find that setting you enter in all lower case uhregistered. No other authenication is needed, no password and no username.

"eduroam" Network
A secure, world-wide roaming Wi-Fi service for the international research and education community

  • Provides secure communications
  • Provides access to campus resources to visiting students, faculty or staff from participating eduroam institutions around the world
  • Allows UH students, faculty and staff to visit other research sites or universities and access resources via Wi-Fi networks using their Cougarnet ID.
  • Requires valid credentials from home institution
  • For Eduroam connection information visit here.