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Visitor Quick Start Guide

Access wireless networks on campus

UHGuest is UH's public, unencrypted network created to provide internet access to guests and visitors. To connect, simply select UHGuest from the list of available campus Wi-Fi networks.

Learn more about Wi-Fi networks at UH

UH Go Mobile App

UH Go - IT SupportUH Go is the official mobile app for the University of Houston. Here, you will find university information and easy access to services from the convenience of your mobile device, including including a campus map, view on-campus dining options, and even get IT support on the go.

UH Go can be downloaded to your mobiled device today: iOS | Android OS

Contact Us

We are here to support you! We offer walk-up support in the Tech Commons, phone, email and live hat support as well. Learn more about how you can reach us.

You can also follow UIT on social media for UIT news and and service-related announcements: