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Web Load Balancing (NetScaler)

Description of Service:

Provision of load balancing and SSL off-loading for web services.

Business Owner:

Administration (A&F)

UIT Service Manager:

Charles Chambers

UHS Service?


How To Request:

Contact Sonny Nguyen (NPDG)

Minimum Service Level:


Maintenance Windows:

Specific to each customer

Support (Tier 1):

Sonny Nguyen: snguyen31@uh.edu; 713-743-1779

Support (Tier 2):

Mahesh More: msmore@uh.edu; 832-842-4731
Arshad Adam: madamsait@uh.edu; 832-842-4806

Support (Tier 3):

Charles Chambers: chambers@uh.edu; 832-842-4624

Charges (if applicable):

SSL certificate charges to be paid by the customer.