Enterprise Systems Infrastructure - University of Houston
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Enterprise Systems Infrastructure

Description of Service:

Management of physical and virtual server infrastructure located in the UH Data center, PGH and Victoria. Includes database administration for Peoplesoft, Blackboard and other shared services.

Business Owner:

Various (e.g.  Administration, Colleges, Divisions)

UIT Service Manager:

Keith Martin

UHS Service?


How To Request:

Through assigned Server Administrators (see Hosted Services) from SLAs

Minimum Service Level:

24/7/365 except backup window

Maintenance Windows:

Saturdays, Midnight - 4 a.m.

Support (Tier 1):

Howard Jares

Support (Tier 2):

David Frankfort

Support (Tier 3):

Darren Neorocker

Charges (if applicable):

SLAs for BU