Emergency Telephony Services - University of Houston
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Emergency Telephony Services

Description of Service:

Management of campus safety telephony services such as code blue (SIP), elevator lines (analog), and ring down phones (SIP).

Business Owner:

Ceasar Moore

UIT Service Manager:

John Kojak

UHS Service?


How To Request:

Telecom work request by University of Houston Police Department

Minimum Service Level:

Available 24/7 except maintenance window

Maintenance Windows:

Wednesdays, 10 p.m. - midnight

Support (Tier 1):


Support (Tier 2):

Unified  Communications: unifiedcommunications@uh.edu; 832-842-5962

Support (Tier 3):

UIT Telecommunications Manager: John Kojak

Charges (if applicable):

Custom Work - charges vary - $150 per hour