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During these extraordinary times when people are challenged with working from home, companies are striving to support employees via a variety of online resources. From information on anxiety and stress to market volatility, retirement and more, resources abound. Check out some of the following links to helpful information. Support is just a few clicks away!


ERS is the provider of your insurace benefits. Please go here to learn about how they will be continuing to assist you.

HealthSelect (Blue Cross Blue Shield)

Health Select has put together some great resources for you! Remember that you also have access to:

Tilman J. Fertitta Family College of Medicine

Bright Horizons
Child and Elder Back Up-Care and Other Family Resources

Employee Assistance Program

Emotional Wellbeing

UH Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

  • CAPS continues to be available for telehealth and crisis services. Please go here for a full description of services being offered at this time. You can also to to their main site.

Corona Virus Sanity Guide

Physical Health

Financial Wellness


Virtual support for new and current contributors


Budgeting, Financial Wellness, Retirement Planning, Investing
• Live and on-demand sessions in English and Spanish:
Getting Started, Staying on Track, Preparing to Retire and Life Events
• Get Ready to Retire Better blog posts!
Retirement Seminar Library
Navigating Market Volatility (Dollar Cost Averaging)



Virtual Consultations

Market Volatility:
Global Lookout: When Is It Safe to Come Out?