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Richard Armstrong Named Human Sit Coordinator

The new position of Human Situation Coordinator serves the complex reality of the course, which is team-taught by 12 to 17 professors each term and is reinvented every year. The Coordinator manages the process of consensus-based decision-making, setting timelines and processes for everything from drawing up the team lists to reviewing policies and curriculum. Team teaching is an attractive part of the Honors College, but it takes real energy and effort to get so many minds to agree on how to do things. The Coordinator’s job is not just to help orchestrate agreement, but also to safeguard that the creativity and initiative of the faculty isn’t squelched in the process.  Richard Armstrong

Armstrong’s current goals for The Human Situation include the construction and implementation of a new web site that not only provides valuable information and resources for students (current and prospective), but also helps to forge the sense of community that is distinctive of our College. The site includes writing resources, study aids, links to authoritative websites and current events, and helpful tips from both faculty and former students on how to succeed. 

Another of Armstrong’s goals for the site is to showcase the Honors faculty so that students get a better sense of the expertise, achievements, and personalities of their professors. The new Faculty Roundhouse page will feature media appearances by faculty, letters from former faculty now retired or working elsewhere, links to online publications, and updates on the College’s new iTunes podcast feed, The Open Academy: Honors Faculty in Conversation.