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Human Situation

The Human Situation is the gateway course of the Honors College.

Gateway to what?

To liberal education generally, the great conversation over books and ideas that continues onward in a life of learning. This is a 10-hour sequence that helps you hone your critical thinking and writing skills while reading great religious, literary, philosophical and political texts. It is interdisciplinary to the core, team-taught in lecture and student-driven in discussion. You will emerge from it a fearless reader, confident in your ability to talk with professors and others about major aspects of being human. You will also be a much stronger writer and critical thinker — skills that transfer to any area of study.

To the Honors Community, which grows from the teams and sections of this course. The student sitting next to you might just become a friend for life. You will share hours of challenging, intriguing and entertaining discussion, finding ways to work together and complement each other’s strengths. You will come to know not just one, but a whole team of professors, who run other programs and teach other classes in the Honors curriculum.

To the great possibilities of interdisciplinary study that our Honors minors and programs have to offer. You might find yourself excited about political and ethical texts and turn to our Phronesis minor. You might read of the Plague of Athens and decide your interest lies in Medicine and Society. Or the Greek Muses might awaken your creative side, which you can further strengthen through the minor in the Center for Creative Work. Or maybe reading of ancient Israel, Greece, Italy and other places will motivate you to study abroad with our faculty-led tours.

In sum, the Human Situation is a big, long welcome to the world of ideas.