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Book Lists

Students should check carefully that they are consulting the book list featuring their discussion section professor.

Alpha Booklist Fall 2020

Professors: Barnes, Bland, Charara, Vollrath, Garner, Gish, Lamson, Liddell, Sommers, Wallace

Team Leader: Michael Barnes

The Epic of Gilgamesh.  Trans. Andrew George.  Penguin Classics.  ISBN 9780140449198

Homer, Iliad.  Trans. Robert Fagles.  Penguin Deluxe edition.  ISBN  978-0140275360

Euripides, Hecuba.  Trans. Janet Lembke and Kenneth J. Reckford.  Oxford UP, 1991. ISBN 978-0195068740. 

Plato, Symposium.  Trans. Alexander Nehamas and Paul Woodruff.  Hackett.   ISBN 978-0872200760

Tao Te Ching: A New English Version. Trans. Stephen Mitchell.  Harper Perennial.  ISBN: 978-0061142666

Virgil, Aeneid.  Trans. Robert Fagles.  Penguin Deluxe Edition. ISBN  978-0143105138


Omega Booklist Fall 2020

Professors: Apicella, Armstrong, Cooper, Cremins, Ferguson, Lyke, D. Rainbow, J. Rainbow, Rayneard, Trninic

Team Leader: Jesse Rainbow

The Epic of Gilgamesh. Andrew George, trans. Penguin, 2003. 978-0140449198.

The Odyssey. Robert Fagles, trans. Penguin, 1999. 978-0140268867.

New Revised Standard Version of the Bible. 978-0061946516.

Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound. Scully and Herington, trans. Oxford, 1975. 978-0195061659.

Plato and Aristophanes, 4 Texts on Socrates. West & West, trans. Cornell University Press, 1998. 978-0801485749.

Sima QianThe First Emperor: Selections from the Historical Records. Raymond Dawson, trans. Oxford, 2009. 978-0199574391.

Livy, The Early History of Rome. Valerie M. Warrior, trans. Hackett, 2006. 978-0872207233.