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Course Offerings and Requirements

A minor in Medicine & Society requires 15 hours of approved coursework: the foundation course “Readings in Medicine & Society” (HON 3301H) as well as four elective courses chosen from the list of courses approved for the minor. At least two of these four electives must be taken at the advanced (3000-4000) level. In some cases, other related coursework or internships may be applied toward the minor, with prior approval from the director. Funding for experiential learning opportunities aligned with the minor is available through the Zinn Scholars Program. Students must earn a 3.0 or higher in all coursework for the minor.

In addition, students must complete at least 12 hours in residence, nine hours of which must be at the advanced (30004000) level. A maximum of six hours of approved transfer credits may be accepted toward the minor upon the approval of the program director. No more than six hours of a student’s major may be applied toward the minor.

Selecting courses for the minor:

To find the list of approved courses for the minor in any given semester, simply check the Medicine & Society pages in the appropriate edition of the Honors Coursebook  and more detailed information (class times, faculty, 5-digit class numbers for appropriate sections and course descriptions) can be found in the back half of the coursebook as well.

Also worth noting: While everyone must take HON 3301H: Readings in Medicine & Society, and many students do take it first, there is no requirement that students must start the minor with this class  it simply must be taken at some point.

Finally, if the course is listed as HON 3397 or HON 4397, do be aware this denotes “Selected Topics” sections, meaning multiple sections are offered each semester which cover widely different topics. To ensure you are in the correct section, verify the topic and appropriate 5-digit class number is correct when enrolling.

As always, appointments with MedSoc advisors Aaron Reynolds and Megan Prather (via the Navigate app, Location: Honors  Honors Online/Remote Appointments) are encouraged to ensure all minor requirements are being met.