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All lesson plans can be found here!

Much of the curriculum here is based off of NASA's Imagine Mars project and an activity plan submitted by Imagine Mars Project Leaders called A Cultural Presentation to NASA.

Mars Habitation does not have a set lesson plan and you do not have to follow these lessons exactly. In fact we encourage you to think of new and exciting lesson plans for your students! We have also included a list of activities that you can combine with lesson plans or do them separately. These activities are courtesy of previous Imagine Mars entries and the UH Honors in Community Health undergraduate students.


Lessons 1-3 focus on reflecting on your community:


Lessons 4-9 focus on facts about Mars. Below are lesson plans and additional links that you can pick and choose from:

 Additional Links:


Lesson 10 will go over how the students should complete the Habitation Guide Booklet. The booklet is one of the 4 required elements that will need to be presented to the judges.


Lessons 11 will have the students explore different options that students can do for their short story. The examples in this lesson can be used but students are encouraged to think vcreatively. The short story is one of the 4 required elements for the celebration.


Lesson 12-18 will help your students imagine, design and create their community on Mars and the setting of their story.


Lesson 19-20 will focus on the last two elements that students will need to have complete for their participation in the Mars Rover Celebration.

  • Lesson 19: Community Model
  • Lesson 20: Skit