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Peace Corps Prep Program

Established in 1961 by the U.S. Government, the Peace Corps is a highly respected and competitive volunteer program that sends U.S. citizens to serve in communities around the world. Peace Corps Prep (PC Prep) is a diversity-focused certificate program that enhances students’ undergraduate experience by preparing them for international development fieldwork and potential Peace Corps service. Students who participate in PC Prep take academic coursework and gain practical field experience related to one of the six sectors that align with Peace Corps volunteer assignments. Students also develop foreign language skills, enhance intercultural competence, and participate in professional and leadership development activities.

Students who complete PC Prep are encouraged to apply for the Peace Corps. Although acceptance into the Peace Corps is not guaranteed, completing the PC Prep program increases your chance of being accepted. PC Prep can also help prepare students for other global opportunities, such as teaching abroad or the U.S. Foreign Service. For more information about serving in the Peace Corps after graduation, please visit:

Students interested in completing Peace Corps Prep should register below: 

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The PC Prep program is open to any UH undergraduate student who is not facing disciplinary action and is in good academic standing with a 2.0 GPA or above.

Important Announcements:

Important Program Update: Please click here to read about the Peace Corps Prep Program Update to the Intercultural Competency requirement (effective March 2021). 

COVID Accomodations: Please click here to read our Peace Corp Prep COVID-19 Program Accommodations


  1. Register and join the Listserv (at the bottom of the page).
  2. Do research about the Peace Corps. Choose one sector (list below) and region of interest to determine program requirements.
  3. Refer to the Student Guide and schedule an advising appointment if you need additional support.
  4. Complete the program requirements and compile documentation.
  5. Complete the Exit Checklist and email supporting documentation.

Program Requirements

Step 1

Training and Experience in a Specific Work Sector

Complete three courses that align with one of the six Peace Corps Prep sectors below.

Complete a minimum of 50 hours of field experience through volunteer, work, or internship positions in the same sector. 

Step 2

Foreign Language Skills

Latin America: Complete two intermediate Spanish courses (2000 level or higher).

West Africa: Build proficiency in French or another Romance language by completing at least one intermediate course (2000 level or higher).

Other regions: Students indicating an intention to serve anywhere else have no explicit language requirements, but are encouraged to take at least one foreign language class. 

Students may verify proficiency through a placement exam offered by Testing Services or by meeting with a UH faculty member from that language department.

Step 3

Intercultural Competence

  • Complete three courses from our approved course list.
  • Students may substitute one or two courses with a Learning Abroad experience if was in one of the Peace Corps Countries. Programs one week to a summer in length may substitute for one course and those lasting one semester may substitute for two courses.
  • Students may substitute one of the above courses with a prolonged (40 hrs+) intercultural activity (such as interning or volunteering with a global organization or diverse populations). Depending on the activity, it may also count towards the field experience or leadership requirement.

Step 4

Professional and Leadership Development

Students must complete and submit proof of all three activities below: 

  • Meet with a career counselor at Career Services to have your resume reviewed.
  • Attend an interview workshop or schedule a mock interview with a career counselor at Career Services.
  • Participate in one activity to develop significant leadership experience such as, leading a volunteer project or a student organization, organizing an event, etc. 

Additional Resources

Advising Support Available
Students may schedule an advising appointment by emailing us or scheduling via Navigate (under Support Services and UHGlobal).

For questions, please contact us at


Students who complete the program will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Peace Corps. When applying to the Peace Corps, students can attach their Exit Checklist or Certificate to their Peace Corps application as proof of completion.

Peace Corps Prep students are also encouraged to complete the Global Citizens Credential (GCC) as completing the above will qualify you to earn points towards the program and may further strengthen your Peace Corps application! Students who complete the GCC program receive an honor cord, certificate, and transcript notation. 

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