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Graduate College Fees - Fiscal Year 2025

Fiscal Year 2025

Fiscal year 2025 includes the fall 2024, spring 2025 and summer 2025 semesters.

Description Fee
Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture
Architecture Graduate Application Fee Domestic $50/Application
Architecture Graduate Application Fee International $80/Application
Architecture Non-Degree Graduate Application Fee $25/Application
Architecture Study Abroad Administrative Fee $650/Program
Architecture Study Abroad Program Fee $6,000/Program
College of Arts
Art 3-D Design $25/per course
COTA Resident Graduate Application Fee $50/Application
COTA Non-Resident Graduate Application Fee $80/Application
COTA Non-Degree Graduate Application Fee $25/Application
Theatre Student Support/ Performance Pass Fee $55/Course
Theatre Summer Masters Program Up to $3,000/Student
Moores School of Music Major Fee $300/Student
Moores School of Music Recital Fees Varies up to $50/Student
Moores School of Music Concert/Performance Pass $55/course
School of Art Major Fee $300/Student
School of Theatre/Dance Major Fee $300/Student
Spirit of Houston Fee $100/Student
C.T. Bauer College of Business
Bauer Executive Certificate/Accounting Program $650/Course
Bauer Executive Doctorate in Business Administration Program (EDBA) $74,464-$86,964/Per Student Per Program
BUS Resident Graduate Application Fee $50/Application
BUS Non-Resident Graduate Application Fee $80/Application
BUS Non-Degree Graduate Application Fee $25/Application
Bauer Graduate Orientation "Bauer Grad Program Orientation & 1st Year Success Fee" $275-400/$275 for specialized MS programs and Professional MBA program; $400 for Full-Time MBA
Bauer Study Abroad Varies
Executive Degree Program $74,700/Program
Online Executive MBA Program Not to exceed $68,000 per student,per program
College of Education
EDUC Admin/Superv Leadership $100/SCH
EDU Non-Degree Graduate Application Fee $25/Application
EDU Non-Resident Graduate Application Fee $80/Application
EDU Resident Graduate Application Fee $50/Application
Executive Diagnostician Certification Fee $600/per semester
Executive Education Doctoral Program $150/SCH
Teacher Certificate Fee - UH Student $40/Incident
Teacher Certificate Fee - Non-UH Student $55/Incident
Dominican Republic Study Abroad GR $2,200/Student
Global Leadership Study Abroad GR $3,200/Student
Mexico Study Abroad $1,735-$2,428/Student
GR Study Abroad-Kosovo $1,300/Student
Cullen College of Engineering
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Process Design/Modeling Certificate Fee $3,000/Course
Cooperative Education Program $215/Program
Industrial Engineering - Executive Masters of Industrial Engineering $3,000/Course
Industrial Engineering Executive Masters - Voluntary Student Service Fee $850/SCH
Mechanical Engineering/SubSea Certificate Program Fee Up to $1,200/Course
PSE Certificate Fee $800/Course
Engineering Certificate Fee varies up to 5,000
ENGR Resident Graduate Application Fee $50/Application
ENR Non-Resident Graduate Application Fee $80/Application
ENGR Non-Degree Graduate Application Fee $25/Application
Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management
Brew Beverage Appreciation-GR Varies up to $100/per student
GHL Wine Appreciation-GR $100/Course
HRM Beverage Production $40/Student
Food, Supply, & Small Equipment $70/Student
Hotel/Restaurant Management Field Trips Varies/Participant
Executive Degree Program $500/SCH
Global Hospitality Business Program $500/SCH
Global Hospitality Business Field Trip Fee $4,000/Student
HRM Resident Graduate Application Fee $50/Application
HRM Non-Resident Graduate Application Fee $80/Application
HRM Non-Degree Graduate Application Fee $25/Application
Texas Wine & Food Experience $500/Student
Hobby School of Public Policy
HOBBY Resident Graduate Application Fee $50/Application
HOBBY Non-Resident Graduate Application Fee $80/Application
HOBBY Non-Degree Graduate Application Fee $25/Application
College of Law
Admission Enrollment Fee $70
Law Enrollment Fee $200/Admitted Student
UH Law Center - Bar Preparation $2500/Student
College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
African-American Studies - Graduate Certificate Program $25/Applicant
American Sign Language Institute (ALSI) Fee for Course Credit by Examination $75/Exam
American Sign Language Institute (ALSI)Fee for Proficiency Assessment for Entry to the Major $75/Application
CLASS Dissertation Thesis Fee Varies up to $150/Dissertation
Communications Disorders Post Bachelor's Program Application Fee $50/Applicant
CLASS Resident Graduate Application Fee $50/Application
CLASS Non-Resident Graduate Application Fee $80/Application
CLASS Non-Degree Graduate Application Fee $50/Application
Language and Culture Center - Airport Pick Up $50/Incident
Language and Culture Center - Application Fee $100/Application
Language and Culture Center - Express Mail Charge $75/Incident
Language and Culture Center - Late Fee $50/Term
Language and Culture Center - Medical Insurance $171/Incident
Language and Culture Center - Tuition And Fees - 7 week program $1,650/Term
Language and Culture Center - Tuition and Fees - 14 week program $3,300/Term
Language and Culture Center Technology Fee $150/Term
CLASS/HISP - Credit by Exam $60/Credit
Modern Classical Languages - Foreign Language Credit By Exam $25/Credit
Speech Language Pathologist Assistant (SLPA) Program Application Fee (Sugar Land) $50/Applicant
AAS Study Abroad Deposit $500/Applicant
Chinese Study Abroad Deposit $50 Applicant
Study Abroad Varies
College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics
NSM Resource Graduate Application Fee $50/Application
NSM Non-Resident Graduate Application Fee $80/Applicant
NSM Non-Degree Graduate Application Fee $25/Application
NSM Biomed Sci Certificate Fee $800/Fall and Spring - $400 Summer
Geology Field Camp Fee $2,500/Program
Geophysics Field Camp Fee $1,500/Program
Geosciences Executive MA - Voluntary Student Service Fee $1,884/Course
MSc in Statistics $200/SCH
Study Abroad FL-NSM-BIO $4,500/Student
College of Nursing
Nursing and Health Care Learning Abroad $1,750/Student
CON Graduate Admission Commitment Fee $500/Student
Beginning Conversational Medical Spanish-GR $65/Student
College of Optometry
OPT Resident Application Fee $50/Applicant
OPT Non-Resident Application Fee $80/Applicant
OPT Application Fee $25/Applicant
Optometry Liability Insurance $90/Course
Optometry Tuition Deposit $1,000/Admitted Student
College of Pharmacy
Pharmacy Application Fee (Professional Program) $100/Applicant
PHAR Admission Application Fee $75/Applicant
Pharmacy Seat Enrollment Fee (Professional Program) $400/Applicant
PHAR Resident Graduate Application Fee $50/Applicant
PHAR Non-Resident Graduate Application Fee $80/Applicant
Graduate College of Social Work
Confirmation Fee $150/New Student
Distance Field Practicum Fee up to 1,000/Field Course
GCSW Late Fees $50/Incident
Social Work-NLA Field Studies Varies per trip
NLA Program Fee $150/Student
Social Work Study Abroad Varies per study abroad corse
Social Work - Hybrid/Online Course Fee $85/SCH
GCSW Resident Graduate Application Fee $50/Application
GCSW Non-Resident Graduate Application Fee $80/Application
GCSW Non-Degree Graduate Application Fee $25/Application
College of Technology
Executive Degree - Human Resource Development $45,000/Program
TECH Resident Graduate Application Fee $50/Applicant
TECH Non-Resident Graduate Application Fee $80/Applicant
TECH Non-Degree Graduate Application Fee $25/Applicant
HRD Study Abroad GRD $1,300/Student