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Central Plant Saves Trees



      The University of Houston Central Plant implements the use of solar panels to reduce energy and power low-voltage equipment like receptacles, lights, and computers after the upgrade to the Central Plant building was completed in 2012. There are currently 88 3ft x 4ft solar panels in total sitting atop the roof.  

      The Central Plant consists of a twelve-person crew with plans to continue to embark on other energy conservation projects. Sustainable projects on their list include plant optimization which entails a fully automated system controlled by computers which will run based on a “sweet spot” trigger response. This type of set-up would balance energy needed by each building and therefore be much more conservative of the earth’s resources.

      Another lofty goal is to use the draft from the tower water to power a wind generator. Taking full advantage of the renewable available resources was the vision when they installed the solar panels and continues to be part of their future plans.


Monthly Energy Production Report
This report provides energy production for each of the following months since the repair of the solar panels:
Month Trees Saved
January  38
February 35
March 49
April 43
May 52
June 47
July 47