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About Us

Every day, more than 300 Facilities Services employees make their way to the University of Houston central campus, a "city" of 50,000 people, to work for you. In all, Facilities Services puts in over 18,000 hours of manpower each week supporting and maintaining a safe, beautiful, and functional campus environment.


Using our skills and expertise, we provide comprehensive Facilities Services to our campus community in support of the University’s Broader Mission. 


We leverage our skills, resources, and technology to deliver operational excellence and meet our customers’ needs. 

We frequently and effectively communicate with our customers. 

We value, empower, and invest in our staff 

We provide highly efficient and cost-effective services; seeking to continually improve upon our operational excellence 

Our Core Values

Facilities Leaders: We are reliable partners who are engaged 

Communicators: We are honest, forthright, and respectful 

Masters of our Professions: We are students of our professions, trades, and crafts who pursue excellence in all we do