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Chemical Safety Moments

The Chemical Safety Moment serves as a dedicated platform for disseminating essential chemical and laboratory safety knowledge, awareness, training resources, and lessons learned within the University of Houston (UH) research community. Our goal is to share valuable insights on chemical storage, segregation, handling, and disposal, along with the new developments within the UH chemical safety program.

The Chemical Safety Moment will be distributed via Listserv every two months to all UH Principal Investigators (PIs) with chemical permits and their registered laboratory personnel.

Interested in joining Listserv? Please contact us at to subscribe.

Latest Issues

Below are the links to the latest issues of our Chemical Safety Moment:


  • Issue 2 – May 2024
    • Label Your Chemical Containers
    • Start Group Meetings with Safety!
    • Lessons Learned: Water? Hydrogen Peroxide? Improper Labeling Causes Injury
  • Issue 1 – March 2024
    • New Safety Awareness EH30: Cryogenic Liquids Safety
    • Lessons Learned: Asphyxiation Hazard Associated with Dry Ice 
    • Quiz: Match GHS Pictograms to the Hazards