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Chemical Guidelines & SOP Templates

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Guidelines describe safe handling procedures for various chemical hazard classes and some commonly-used chemicals. Chemicals identified as Particularly Hazardous Substances require a customized, laboratory-specific SOP. Reference: UH Chemical Hygiene Plan, Chapter 5. 

For these chemicals: 

  • Follow these SOP Creation Guidelines
  • Use this UH Standard Operating Procedure Template (.doc, 71KB, revised June 10, 2020) to create your own lab-specific SOPs. You can also use your own format if you find that it better suits your needs.

SOP-specific Training

Training Documentation Page (.doc, 41KB, revised June 10, 2020): Use this to document PI-led training for lab specific procedures involving certain chemicals & procedures.  Training must be updated annually.

Chemical Safety Guidelines

Customized SOPs may reference appropriate chemical safety guidelines: