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HISD needs great teachers, just like you!

The University of Houston partnered with the Houston Independent School District (HISD) to create the Partnership to Develop Equity-minded Educators. Modeled after residencies in the medical field, this innovative program offers the opportunity to learn how to teach in a year-long collaborative teaching experience in a Houston ISD elementary school.  

Plus, you will:  

  • Earn a Master of Education degree (M.Ed.) at an accelerated pace 
  • Receive a $60,000 livable wage stipend while you learn  
  • Become a certified elementary school teacher  

Want to know more?

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UH PDEE is a new and innovative teacher residency program at the University of Houston, funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. This 30-hour M.Ed. program provides foundational, equity-centered educational coursework and a mentor-guided, year-long clinical residency experience. Upon certification and graduation, you will be offered employment with the partnering school district. Plus, professional development support, advanced mentoring, and expert guidance from UH and HISD will continue through the first two years of your teaching career. 


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Why choose UH PDEE? 

  • Earn an accelerated M.Ed.  
  • Become a certified elementary teacher  
  • Earn a livable-wage stipend (minimum $60,000) while obtaining EC-6 teacher certification 
  • Spanish coursework designed to bolster professional confidence 
  • Certification exam support 
  • Three-year employment commitment with HISD upon successful completion of the program   
  • Professional development opportunities provided by UH and HISD through the first two years of teaching in HISD 
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Eligibility Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in a non-education discipline by the start date of the program from an accredited institution 
  • Minimum 2.6 GPA  
  • Proficiency in English (regardless of citizenship) 
  • Interest in making an impact within elementary schools  


The UH PDEE program degree, residency and certification will be completed in 18 months. After you have finished the program, you will remain connected to your cohort for continued mentoring and support. Following your successful certification and completion of other residency requirements, you will receive a teaching position within HISD. 

Program Schedule

Dates  (cohort1 begins 2024) Session Description
May Program
Orientation activities and placement testing for Spanish course
June – July  Summer
Six (6) hours of M.Ed. coursework; Professional learning workshops to prepare for residency: Tutoring experience in elementary classrooms
Aug. – Dec.  Fall
Four (4) days per week in teacher residency placement (co-teaching with mentor teacher); One (1) day per week in M.Ed. coursework; Attend partnering district new staff workshops
Jan. – May  Spring
Four (4) days per week in clinical residency placement (co-teaching with mentor teacher); One (1) day per week in M.Ed. coursework; TExES preparation workshops
June – Aug.  Summer
M.Ed. coursework; Pass certification exams 
Aug. – Dec.  Fall
Begin employment with a partnering district as a certified teacher. Complete M.Ed. capstone project. Graduate!!!

Program Cost

Use this estimator tool to help estimate the cost of the program. You will need to estimate the cost per semester, not the total cost for 30 hours. (Program costs include the livable wage stipend of $60,000 that you will receive.) 


How to Apply

Ready to apply? GREAT! You’ll need the following:  

  • Official undergraduate transcripts  
  • Three (3) letters from professional or academic references  
  • Letter of interest with focus on teaching 

Once the application process is complete, you’ll be invited to submit the recorded interview, which is required by the Texas Education Agency (TEA).  


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