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iSMART** (Integrated Science Math and Reflective Teaching for Texas Middle School Teachers)

iSMART - Integrated Science Math and Reflective Teaching for Texas Middle School Teachers

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Purpose & Focus

iSMART** (integration of Science, Mathematics and Reflective Teaching) is a 2-year program for science and math teachers who want the convenience of an online program, but don't want to give up the rigor of traditional coursework.  We are simulating a face-to-face classroom into an online environment through the use of digital and Web 2.0 technology thus changing the face of online learning. We'll focus on the integration of science and mathematics while building in-depth content and pedagogical knowledge as well as leadership skills, all through reflective collaboration with online classmates.  During the program, participants can expect to work on analyzing and writing curriculum, examining theories of learning and models of science and mathematics integration, studying student’s thinking about math and science, studying equitable teaching practices, and will use video to reflect on their own teaching practice.

iSMART** Curriculum Topics

  • Principles of Curriculum Development in Science & Mathematics
  • Models of Teaching & Learning in Science & Mathematics
  • Developing Proportional Reasoning in Science & Mathematics
  • Reflective Practice in Science and Mathematics Education
  • Science & Mathematics Knowledge for Teaching
  • Leadership in Science & Mathematics Education
  • Teaching Science & Mathematics with Technology
  • Equitable instruction in science and mathematics
  • Electronic/Video-based Capstone Project

iSMART** Course Activities

Participating teachers will:

  • Work online collaboratively in groups of three-to-five science and mathematics teachers
  • Engage in analyzing and writing curriculum/lessons
  • Examine theories of learning and models of integration of science and mathematics
  • Study children’s thinking of science and mathematics
  • Reflect on video of their own and their peers’ practices
  • Participate in leadership activities

Coursework Commitments

iSMART** teachers will be enrolled in 6 - 9 graduate credit hours per semester and should expect to participate in asynchronous online instructional activities and assignments 6-9 hours a week. Furthermore, for the two-year program, iSMART** teachers must be available at a computer with a webcam for synchronous instruction Wednesdays, 5:30 – 8:30 pm.

College of Education and UH Graduate Admissions Procedures

** The iSMART program is no longer funded; students are responsible for tuition and fees.