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Freedom of Expression/Organized Activity Form

Expressive Activity Description and Form

The University of Houston is committed to fostering a learning environment where free inquiry and expression are encouraged. The University expects that persons engaging in expressive activities will demonstrate civility, concern for the safety of persons and property, respect for University activities, respect for those who may disagree with their message, and compliance with University policies and applicable local, state, and federal laws. The University of Houston maintains its right to place reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions on organized expressive activities. Additionally, any activities that are unlawful or disruptive to the normal operations of the University including classes and University business activities will not be tolerated. The purpose of the University of Houston Freedom of Expression Policy (MAPP 01.05.01) is to provide for organized expressive activities to be conducted on the grounds of the University in a manner consistent with these principles. Groups or individuals engaging in disruptive activities or failing to comply with University policies and applicable local, state, and federal laws may face immediate removal from the campus and other appropriate actions by University officials and University police.

The Freedom of Expression Policy is applicable to University of Houston students, faculty, staff, and others who wish to engage in extracurricular public speaking, literature distribution, poster displays, sign displays, any other type of graphic exhibitions, expressive performances, petitioning, or similar noncommercial activities at locations on University property. This policy does not apply to official University activities. Non-permitted commercial activities (as defined in the Freedom of Expression Policy) are not allowed. University grounds and buildings are reserved for use by the University of Houston students, faculty, and staff, except as otherwise permitted by policies of the University. Expressive activities permitted under this policy do not imply official endorsement by the University. Groups or individuals engaged in expressive activities are responsible for the content of the expression. Literature distribution must comply with the rules stated in the Freedom of Expression Policy.

The University of Houston Freedom of Expression Policy identifies six outdoor expressive activity areas that may be reserved. The outdoor free expression areas that may be reserved include: 1.) Lynn Eusan Park (Lynn Eusan Park is the only area of the six areas that is available for non-University affiliated individuals or groups to reserve), 2.) the Student Center Plaza (located between South and North Student Center), 3.) the Student Center Satellite Patio/Hill, 4.) Butler Plaza, 5.) Cougar Woods Arboretum (the grassy area located to the west of Cougar Woods Dinning Hall between the Dining Hall and Cullen Boulevard), and 6.) the Student Center Circle (located in front of the Student Center South). Requests to reserve outdoor organized expressive activity areas must be submitted to the Conference and Reservation Services Office located in room 237 of the Student Center South. Reservations must be made at least 5 business days in advance of the proposed organized expressive activity. Prior to submitting a reservation request, it is the responsibility of the requesting group or individual to obtain an expressive activity approval from the Dean of Students Office. To request approval, groups or individuals must submit a completed Expressive Activity Description Form to the Dean of Students Office at least seven business days in advance of the proposed activity. The six outdoor activity areas may be used without reservation, however, an individual or group with a reservation will have exclusive use and priority over other individuals or groups. Amplified sound is limited to between the hours of 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to midnight on class days. On non- class days, amplified sound is permitted from 8:00 a.m. to midnight. Amplified sound is not permitted in the Butler Plaza area. Generated sound output shall not exceed established decibel levels

Amplified sound is permitted only as described in the Freedom of Expression Policy.

A copy of the University of Houston Freedom of Expression Policy may be obtained in the Dean of Students Office, Room256, Student Center South and is available on the University of Houston Manual of Administrative Policies and Procedures website. In addition to the Freedom of Expression Policy, expressive activities must conform to the behavior expectations of UH students outlined in the Student Disciplinary Policies and Procedures published in the University of Houston Student Handbook.

Freedom of Expression/Organized Activity Form