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Frequently Asked Questions

Campus Life

How can I get involved on campus?
There are multiple opportunities and resources for UH students to get involved. You can get involved in over 400 student organizations through the Center for Student Involvement, participate in intramural sports through the UH Campus Recreation & Wellness Center, study with classmates through LAUNCH—Learning Advancements for UNdergraduate Cougars of Houston, or attend programs hosted on campus by the Student Programming Board. Getting involved in an area of your interest is a key way to meet people and feel a part of campus life!

How do I find out about campus events?
Check your email! Each week (every other week during the summer) you will receive the CoogNews, an electronic newsletter that provides students a brief synopsis of campus information, news, and events. The Daily Cougar, the official newspaper of UH, also offers great information about what’s happening on campus and, lastly, you can take a look at specialty calendars for a variety of department and college calendars, listing their specific events.

Is there a place on campus I can go for spiritual activities?
The A.D. Bruce Religion Center  is the on-campus interfaith center that promotes religious and spiritual activities. It is a bustling center of many ongoing educational programs and activities focusing on religious issues. The center provides office space and facilities for 11 charter campus ministries.

Where can I get help with finding a job or building my resume?
University Career Services offer a wide range of programs and services that will help you reach your career goals including resume critiques, mock-interviews, and career exploration. Also, some of the academic colleges offer career services for their majors. Please talk to your college advisor to determine the resources are available to you within your specific college.

Where can I eat on campus?
The Student Center South, located in the middle of campus, is home to a variety of retail dining locations including Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s, and Panda Express. UH Dining Services offers two dining halls: Moody Towers Dining Commons and Cougar Woods Dining Commons. There is also a food truck rotation in various locations across campus as well as Market stores for quick food grabs. For a complete list of locations and their hours of operation, please click here.

Can I purchase a meal plan?
While all locations take a variety of payment methods (cash, debit/credit, Cougar Cash, etc.), you may also be interested in signing up for a commuter meal plan on campus. For additional information regarding these meal plans contact Auxiliary Services at or 832-842-9053.


I’m struggling in a class, are there any tutoring services on campus?
The University of Houston offers outstanding resources free of charge for students seeking academic assistance. LAUNCH—Learning Advancements for UNdergraduate Cougars of Houston offers tutoring services, counseling and workshops on academic learning strategies and personal development. The Math Department’s Center for Academic Support and Assessment offers one-on-one tutoring for undergraduate math courses. The Writing Center offers one-on-one consultation and more to help students gain confidence and build up their writing ability.

Where can I study on campus?
The M.D. Anderson Library offers many types of study areas for students, including group-study rooms. For more information on these resources, including what sections of the library include silent study, please view the study areas page. You can also visit the Student Center Satellite which houses some dining options as well as study/lounge spaces for students. For our veteran students, the Veterans Services Office provides study spaces and computer access for veterans, spouses, and their dependents. Additionally, most of the colleges have spaces set aside for students to study, independently or in groups, so go check out your college and find yourself the perfect study niche!

Do I have to declare a major my first semester?

Exploratory Studies is a short-term entry major that intentionally integrates academic support with career counseling to allow undecided students to make informed decisions about, and prepare for, declaring a degree-seeking major.

All freshmen students will declare a major by the beginning of their sophomore year (30 credit hours) if they have not already done so.

Newly admitted undeclared transfer students

  • with less than 30 credit hours are to choose a major within their second term, prior to registration for their third term courses.
  • with 30-44 credit hours are to choose a major within their first term at UH, prior to registration for 2nd term courses.
  • with 45 or more credit hours are to choose a major prior to attending UH (i.e., these students will only be accepted into UH with a major).

Campus Recreation / Athletics

Can I go to UH sporting events?
All UH Students are admitted FREE to regular season games. Each student must present a valid Cougar student ID card for admission. Please visit the University of Houston Ticket Center for additional information and how to purchase student guest tickets.

Can my family/friends who are not UH students come to UH sports events?
Athletic tickets can be purchased online from the Athletics Department through the University of Houston Ticket Center. Students may also purchase student guest tickets for their family and/or friends to come to a UH sporting event. For information on ticket information please contact (713) 462-6647 or email at

How can I get involved in intramural sports?
Intramural Sports provides an opportunity for the students to participate in over 27 activities for both individual and team sports. The Sport Clubs Program consists of recognized student organizations that are established to promote and develop common sport and/or recreation related interest. The club exists to promote and develop skills, engage in competition, encourage peer leadership, and enjoy the recreational and social fellowship of a specific sport. For more information on Campus Recreation please contact (713)743-7519 or email at

Health & Wellness

I was sick and had to miss several classes. What should I do?
You should immediately contact your instructor and let him/her know about your absences due to illness. It is up to the discretion of your instructor if you will be excused from class.

Where can I go to seek medical attention on campus?
There is a health center located on campus where students can go for medical attention on a walk-in basis. The UH Health Center, provides medical specialty clinics, attendant care services, diagnostic services, a pharmacy, student health insurance, and outreach programs at a minimal fee to students. You can contact the UH Health Center at (713) 743–5151 to set up an appointment or gain additional information about their services.

What should I do if I am feeling anxious/stressed/depressed?
Please take time and visit the Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS). A variety of individual and group counseling sessions are available, as well as many additional services for students.


Where can I go for help with my UH email or CougarNet account?
University Information Technology offers assistance through online and phone services for students to address their UH account and technology.  Their Quick-Start Guide for students offers an overview of critical technology information and is a great resource to access!

Where can I go to buy software and address my personal IT needs?
University Information Technology offers a variety of software at no charge to students. You will need to provide your CougarNet username and password to download the software. The Cougar Byte, located in the Student Center, also offers a variety of software and hardware with special UH discounts for all of our students.

Where can I access a computer on campus?
There are multiple computer labs available for students throughout campus.

How do I utilize the UH wireless network?
Visit the wireless network page to learn how to set-up your wireless account as well as to learn additional information on service areas and wireless coverage maps.