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Dean of Students Leadership Council

The Dean of Students Leadership Council (DOSLC) is comprised of both undergraduate and graduate students dedicated to improving the UH student experience. Serving in the capacity of student advocates, the DOSLC members seek to address common topics of concern among the student body and strategize proactive solutions to improving the student experience. Council members provide valuable insight to DOS staff regarding policies, programs, and procedures seeking to identify barriers and address them with campus stakeholders. The DOSLC engages students, staff, and faculty in various programs, outreach events, and dialogue to ensure the voice of every UH Cougar is heard!

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Meet the 2019-2020 Dean of Students Leadership Council


Shangyi (Shelly) Fu*Shelly Fu

Biochemistry & Liberal Studies major

"I joined and continue to work in DOSLC because I truly believe that this council can be a great student voice to take advantage of the resources provided by the Dean of Students Office and make great change on campus."

Neha Daga*Neha Daga

Biology major

"The DOSLC works toward the goal of making every student's experience at UH the best it can be, which is why I decided to join the council for a second year. The work we have done has allowed for a better student experience whether it relates to classes or campus safety. I hope that this year we can reach an even greater number of students with all of our resources at the DOS office."

Bola AdeyeriBola Adeyeri

Kinesiology major

"I joined the DOSLC because it is an opportunity to advocate for UH students across all majors and effectively address their concerns."

Nikita GidhNikita Gidh

Biochemistry major

"I joined the DOSLC because I want student voices to be heard and change to be enacted."

Taylor EllisTaylor Ellis

Digital Media major

"I wanted to join DOSLC to further impact my peers' experience at the University of Houston."

Dominique JohnsonDominique Johnson

Kinesiology & Human Nutrition major

"I wanted to join this program because not only does it provide leadership experience, but because I wanted to be in a group that is involved with helping make the changes that students want on campus."


Moiz SyedMoiz Syed

Political Science major

"The reason I joined the DOSLC is that I want to serve the University and help as many students as possible. I want to be able to give back to the University as much as it has given me."

Flora AnyalebechiFlora Anyalebechi

Psychology major

"I joined DOSLC because I want to be in a position to make a positive impact in my community, and UH is the perfect place for me to start this journey."

Azali JeffreyAzali Jeffrey

Political Science major

"I joined the DOSLC because I wanted to work closely with other students to create and implement useful projects to improve the lives of students at the University of Houston. We are stronger as a collective and I am blessed to work with a group of students as passionate as myself to better our school."

Jessica SwensonJessica Swenson

Communications major

"I want to make students feel more comfortable and aware of all of the resources and services here on campus."

Melissa Melendez, Advisor
Graduate Student - College of Social Work

Ethan Smith, Advisor
Graduate Student - College of Education

James Hamlin, Advisor
Graduate Student - College of Education

Douglas Eck, Advisor
Assistant Dean of Students

Denotes returning DOSLC student member