UH Face Covering Requirement Accommodations

Accommodation Process

Accommodations may be requested for those individuals who, due to specific health related conditions, cannot safely wear a face covering.

Requests for an accommodation due a health-related condition for students are being processed by the Center for Students with DisABILITIES (CSD), and requests for employees are being processed by Equal Opportunity Services (EOS).

Face covering accommodations for eligible students and employees may include allowing for remote access, such as online learning for students, and the ability to work remotely for faculty/staff as appropriate, including adjustments to work schedules. Unpaid leave and academic leave terms may be used.

If a student or employee must come to campus, the individual may request the accommodation of an alternative face covering in required designated areas. Face coverings must cover the nose and mouth, and could include a face shield. If a face covering accommodation is approved for on campus use, an approved accommodation letter will be provided to the student by CSD and to the employee by EOS.

Process for Students

  • Students not currently registered with the Center for Students with DisABILITIES (CSD) requesting an accommodation for the University face covering requirement should submit a request using the “New to CSD” icon on our webpage at www.uh.edu/csd. Students currently registered with the CSD should make this request using the “Renewal” icon on our webpage.
  • For additional information about this accommodation request process, please call (713) 743-5400 or email UHCSD@central.uh.edu.