Test Administration Policy and Procedure

  1. The Center for Students with DisABILITIES (CSD) works to ensure that reasonable testing accommodations are provided for students who have registered with CSD and who are eligible for such accommodations.
  2. It is the student's responsibility to provide a copy of their approved Student Accommodation Form (SAF) to their instructors, and to request recommended testing accommodations. Request for Individualized Testing Accommodations (RITA) forms should be submitted to CSD a minimum of 24 hours prior to the exam/quiz date. Students should ask the instructors to complete their portion of the RITA form. CSD may not administer exams or quizzes without this signed form.
  3. A minimum notice of 24 hours is required for any exam that CSD will be responsible for picking up. Instructors may fax or e-mail exams with less than 24 hours notice, but advance notice is required in order to ensure that testing accommodations can be arranged.
  4. It is up to the discretion of instructors as to the dates and times that exams are scheduled. Students are encouraged to discuss their scheduling preferences with their instructors.
  5. CSD hours of operation are 8 – 5, Monday – Friday. Extended hours are 8 – 7, Monday and Tuesday, Fall and Spring semesters only. There are no extended hours during university breaks. Occasionally students taking an exam earlier than the class time will be required to stay at CSD per instructor’s request on the RITA form. Instructors will be informed of the time a student starts and turns in a test, as well as the accommodations that were provided.
  6. Only students who are registered with CSD will be allowed in the testing rooms. Students are required to present a picture ID prior to being issued their exam. Any exceptions will be at the discretion of CSD staff and will be documented. 
  7. Students and their instructors are responsible for rescheduling exams. CSD must be notified by an instructor when an exam has been rescheduled. Exams that are not rescheduled will be returned within 48 hours to the instructor or the department, unless notified by the instructor.
  8. If a student is more than 15 minutes late for an exam, they must obtain their instructor's permission to take the exam or reschedule. Students may not start their exam within one hour of CSD scheduled closing time even if the RITA has a negotiable exam start time. Students must submit their exams 10 minutes before CSD closes.
  9. CSD adheres to the UH Academic Honesty Policy. CSD requires instructor written approval for the use of a computer, note cards, tables, charts, books, calculators, or other materials during an exam.
  10. No personal belonging (including, but not limited to, backpacks, purses, books, notes, and electronic devices) that are not authorized in writing by the instructor are allowed in the exam rooms. CSD is not responsible for purses and/or valuables. If a student has an unauthorized item in their possession in a testing room, the item will be confiscated and their instructor will be notified. Students may not be allowed to continue their exam without instructor's permission, and may need to remain in the CSD lobby until the instructor is reached.
  11. Exams will be returned to the instructor or departmental office in a sealed envelope (unless an instructor indicates otherwise), along with the scantron, bluebook, scratch paper and any other accompanying materials. All scratch paper used during an exam will be supplied by CSD, unless otherwise provided by the instructor.
  12. Food is prohibited in the testing rooms. Beverages must be in a closed container. Students who need to eat during an exam may do so in the lobby area only.
  13. Talking or any communication with other students at any time once an exam is in the student's possession (including breaks) is prohibited. If a student is found communicating with another student during an exam (including breaks), their instructor will be notified, and their exam may be confiscated. Students must take their exam to the front desk during breaks and remain in the lobby area only.
  14. Students who become ill or need restroom assistance during an exam may be escorted by a CSD employee to the Student Health Center. The student's instructor will be notified.
  15. Exam rooms, computer labs, and other areas of the CSD building are monitored through a surveillance system. Instructors and/or other appropriate authorized UH personnel may view students taking exams.
  16. A limited number of private testing rooms are available. Students who take exams with certain assistive technology or require a reader and/or scribe during exams shall have priority for these rooms.
  17. If a student refuses to follow CSD policy or instruction from CSD staff, such as refusing to submit an exam when directed to do so, consequences will include notifying the instructor, security and/ or confiscating the exam. A student life referral may also be submitted to the Dean of Students Office.

Revised: April, 2016