UH Accessible Parking

Disabled parking permits are issued to students, faculty, and staff who have either a permanent or temporary disability and require accessible parking. These permits authorize parking in spaces designated for use by disabled drivers. Disabled parking privileges are for the benefit of the registered permit holder only.

In an effort to cut down on the abuse of disabled parking by non-disabled people, UH Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) in conjunction with the Justin Dart, Jr. Center for Students with DisABILITIES (CSD) has implemented the following University disabled parking policy. Permanent disabled parking privileges require that a University disabled parking permit be displayed along with a valid state-issued disabled parking placard or state license plate when parked in any disabled parking space on campus from 7:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The state-issued disabled parking placard or license plate will be sufficient at all other times.

University of Houston Procedures for Registering for Disabled Parking Permits

Permanent Disabilities

University employees and/or students who have a permanent disability who request a University disabled parking permit must go to the Room 100 of the CSDbuilding. They can be reached at (713) 743-5400 (Voice), or (713) 749-1527 (TDD). Applicants must complete an Authorization for Accessible Parking form and present:

  • A copy of the state placard or a copy of the TX DOT D-12 form with a doctor’s signature as a license plate verification receipt, along with a current driver’s license and Cougar One Card.
  • Accessible Parking Authorization will be valid for the time remaining on the state-issued disabled parking placard or license plate. Reauthorization will be required upon receipt of a new state-issued disabled parking placard or license plate.
  • University permanent disabled parking permits must be renewed annually. Permits can be renewed at the CSD or, provided an Accessible Parking Authorization is on file, at the PTS office, Room 112B, Welcome Center.


Qualified applicants will complete a Parking Registration Form, and upon its completion, an annual disabled parking permit will be issued. CSD will record the parking permit number on the registration form and return it along with a copy of the Authorization for Accessible Parking form and copies of supporting documents to PTS. Faculty and staff wishing to renew their UH disabled parking permit may do so directly with PTS provided a copy of their Accessible Parking Authorization form is on file. Faculty and staff will have the option of having the parking fee deducted from their pay on a pre-tax basis.

Students may charge the parking fee to their student account and pay it along with their other University charges. Students wishing to renew their disabled parking must call PTS by the twelfth (12) class day of the semester to register and, upon verification of authorization have their disabled parking permit mailed to them via U.S. mail. After the twelfth (12) class day, the permit must be picked up in person in the PTS office, Room 112B, Welcome Center.

Those preferring to pay with cash or by credit card must bring their authorization form and completed application to the PTS office located in Room 112B, Welcome Center.

Temporary Disabilities

Students, faculty, or staff who have a temporary disability may request temporary disabled parking directly through PTS. A letter from an appropriate physician stating the nature and projected duration of the disability, and the need for accessible parking privileges will be required before authorization will be granted. PTS reserves the right to send any applicant to the CSD for further authorization.


Disabled visitors are required to obtain a disabled visitor parking permit from one of the Visitor Information Booths, located at either UH Entrance 1 or 15, prior to using disabled parking. For further information call PTS at (713) 743-1097.