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Cougar Cupboard

Food insecurity, or the inability to afford enough nutritious food to fuel a regularly healthy lifestyle, is a growing concern on college campuses nationwide. In an effort to address this significant barrier to student success, the University of Houston has opened the Cougar Cupboard in partnership with the Houston Food Bank’s Food for Change market network. The cupboard is available to all enrolled undergraduate or graduate students who may need access to additional food.

Locations & Hours Volunteer Donate
4200 Martin Luther King Blvd, Room R101 Hours of Operation Contact Us

Red Talks

Wednesday, April 10, 2024
5:00pm -7:00pm
Houston Room

Red Talks provides a platform for students to explore campus community through creative expressions. Join us for performances and compelling conversations about community and belonging, showcasing important perspectives from students of all backgrounds.

We are actively seeking creatives and performers for Red Talks. Please fill out our interest form by March 26th.

How to Sign Up

  • Step 1: Sign-Up

    Prior to your first visit, click the button below to fill out the sign-up form to begin the process.

  • Step 2: Receive E-mail

    Follow the next steps in the email that will be sent to you after completing the initial sign-up.

  • Step 3: Head over to Cougar Cupboard!

    Visit one of our locations during operation hours and explore the cupboard!

The Cougar Cupboard functions similarly to a grocery store

After checking in at the first visit, students may browse the shelves for their desired items; frozen and refrigerated items are also available in coolers. Limits may be placed on certain items due to limited quantity. Every student may receive up to 30 lbs of groceries each week, whether they get it all at once or across multiple visits. The poundage resets every Monday. Once finished choosing their items, students must use our free checkout and be ready to provide their PeopleSoft ID# and their Food Scholarship ID#.

  • Second Location: Operated by PEEPS

    The Cougar Cupboard is pleased to announce that we have merged with PEEPS Pantry to create a second location, Cougar Cupboard 2. Students are free to use both the Cougar Cupboard and Cougar Cupboard 2 to help offset their monthly expenses.

    The second location, housed in the College of Education, is open to all currently enrolled students and is supported by donations, volunteers, and assistance from the Cougar Cupboard. Please make an appointment via Navigate to use Cougar Cupboard 2.

    Cougar Cupboard 2 site

Additional Resources

Impact in Numbers

  • 7,300+ sign ups
  • 40k+ total visits
  • 600k+ pounds of food dist.
  • 3,000 DoorDash bag deliveries

Since January 2020

Monetary Donations

We are also more than happy to accept monetary donations! To send a monetary donation, text "Cupboard" to 71-777 or visit our Support Cougar Cupboard fundraiser page. Below is a list of what can be purchased with each donation:

  • $250 = 450 canned or microwavable meals
  • $500 = 400 cartons of milk (+ previous items)
  • $1,000 = 900 bags of rice (+ previous items)
  • $1,500 = 350 bars of soap & 250 bottles of shampoo (+ previous items)
  • $2,000 = 300 toothpaste/toothbrush kits + 300 cleaning sprays (+ previous items)
  • $5,000 = double all previous items, plus extras of most-needed stock
  • $10,000 = new student worker for one year

If sending a donation by check, checks must be payable to the University of Houston. "Cougar Cupboard" should be added in the memo section.

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