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The Center for Nanomagnetic Systems at the University of Houston has extensive research facilities with more than 10,000 sq.ft. of laboratory space equipped with processing and analytical equipment of at least $4,000,000 replacement value. Nanofabrication facility, magnetic materials synthesis and characterization laboratory, recording systems characterization laboratory, and a surface science laboratory are available to support the program.

Materials Synthesis:

  • AJA Ultra-high vacuum sputter deposition system with six magnetron sources in a co-sputtering configuration, 850C substrate temperature, RF/DC substrate bias for combinatorial materials studies and high quality multilayer deposition
  • Electrochemical deposition system based on 273 Potentiostat/Galvanostat from Princeton Applied Research and a Flat Cell
  • Electrochemical deposition system based on Gamry PC4 Potentiostat/Galvanostat
  • Custom built high deposition rate sputter coating system
  • Custom built e-beam evaporator with Advanced Energy Kaufman Ion Source for ion-assisted deposition capabilities

Device Fabrication:



  • Amperes boundary element solver by Integration Engineering Software
  • LLG Micromagnetics solver
  • Custom m olecular modeling (e.g., MM2 force field, semi-empirical, and DFT)
  • MagFEM
  • FEM thermal solver from Ansys
  • MATLAB custom built routines for playback evaluation


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