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Graduate Assistantship

The CLASS Media and Moving Image Initiative seeks a detail-oriented, responsible graduate student with communications and administrative skills to provide support for the MMI initiative during AY2022-2023

Duties include maintaining MMI communications (monitoring email, drafting correspondence and announcements, and overseeing website updates), providing logistical and clerical support for internal MMI operations (administering programming funds, as well as facilitating student and teaching prize competition and year-end award ceremony). The Graduate Assistantship offers monthly pay at $1,360 for 9 months and a $150 insurance stiped for 12 months. Appointment is intended for entire AY2022-2023, but will initially be made on a probational basis.

MMI work usually requires minimal (3-6 hours) work per week, but final 8-10 weeks of academic year involves significant time commitment supporting the Student Prize Competition and MMI Prize Ceremony. 

Graduate assistant must have good written, in-person and online communication skills, and be comfortable working independently. Ease with spreadsheets, Teams and Powerpoint a plus. Graduate students in any CLASS department may apply. Contact MMI chair, Professor Karen Fang, Ph.D. at