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Claudine Giacchetti

Claudine Anne Giacchetti

Ph.D., Rice University. Professor of French. Literature of the 19th century; French women writers; biography & first-person narratives; oral history; Business French.

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Viola Green

Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin. Instructional assistant professor of French. Phonology of binominals in French and English, psycholinguistics and bilingualism. 

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Raymond Gnanwo Hounfodji

Ph.D. in Francophone and African Literature, University of Arizona  (Tucson). Lecturer of French. African and post/colonial literature and theater, oral literature.

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Rania Chalhoub

Rania Chalhoub

Master of Arts in Language, Literature & Translation (MALLT), Concentration in French & Francophone Language, Literature & Culture, University of Wisconsin. Lecturer of French.   

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Amanda Vredenburgh

Amanda Vredenburgh

Ph.D., French and Francophone Studies, Indiana University. Assistant Professor of French. Fantastic genre, ecocriticism, and postcolonial studies.

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Celine Wilson

Céline Wilson

M.A. in French and English, Avignon University (France). Postgraduate Certificate in education, Strathclyde University-Glasgow. Lecturer of French. Language program development.

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