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Dr. Daphne Hernandez's Research Receives Wide Media Coverage

HHP faculty Dr Daphne Hernandez's research on the links between intimate partner violence and food insecurity has been widely featured by news media around the country. The study was published in the Journal of Women's Health. Below are some media reports featuring the study.

Fox 26 Houston

Houston's Fox 26 News featured Dr. Hernandez in a segment titled "Domestic Violence and Food Insecurity". Click on the image below to watch the interview:



Science Daily

Below is a excerpt from Science Daily:

Women who experience physical, mental or sexual abuse at the hands of their partners have an increased likelihood of being food insecure.

"The bridge between the two issues is depression," said assistant professor and TORC researcher Daphne Hernandez. "Our study found that women experiencing intimate partner violence are more likely to be depressed, which impacts their ability to ensure a food-secure household."

Read the entire article on the Science Daily website

KUHF Houston Public Radio

Dr. Hernandez's research was featured on KUHF 88.7 Houston Public Radio's UH Moment by Marisa Ramirez. UH Moment is a weekly feature on KUHF that highlights stories from the University of Houston. You can listen to the segment below:


Read the article on the KUHF website

Yahoo News

An excerpt from Yahoo News:

TORC researcher Daphne Hernandez followed data from nearly 1,700 women involved in a romantic relationship (married or cohabitating with a partner) who also had experienced intimate partner violence.

She found that mothers who experienced intimate partner violence were at 44 percent greater odds of experiencing depression. Additionally, households in which mothers experienced depression were twice as likely to experience food insecurity.

Read the entire article on Yahoo News

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Read the details of the study at : Journal of Women's Health - Maternal Depression Mediates the Association Between Intimate Partner Violence and Food Insecurity