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BOUNCE Wins Honorable Mention at The 2010 Texas Cardiovascular Health Promotion Awards.

HHP's BOUNCE Healthy Lifestyle Summer Program won a honorable mention at the 2010 Texas Cardiovascular Health Promotion Awards given by The Texas Council on Cardiovascular Disease, Texas Department of State Health Services.

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Texas Cardiovascular Health Promotion Awards recognizes community-based programs, schools, worksites, and health care entities that promote innovative and effective programs and policies for prevention and/or awareness of CVD and/or stroke in Texas communities.

Below is The text from The Texas Council on Cardiovascular Disease, describing BOUNCE and its activities.

BOUNCE Healthy Lifestyle Summer Program, University of Houston

Program Representative: Norma Olvera, Ph.D.

Minority families are at a high risk for obesity and inactivity. Thus, interventions designed to promote a healthy weight and physical activity levels are greatly needed. The BOUNCE Healthy Lifestyle Summer Program’s purpose is to empower Hispanic and African American girls and their mothers to adopt a healthy lifestyle by incorporating healthy eating (e,g., reducing fatty foods and sugary beverages), daily exercise, and positive self-esteem. Over 150 participating families have been introduced to key nutrition concepts, taught how to prepare healthier meals by reducing fat and sugar intake, and engaged in 21 physical activities (e.g., Zumba, Salsa, Hip Hop, sports, and recreational games) to increase their physical activity levels in fun ways. A unique feature of the BOUNCE program is the inclusion of maternal involvement to support their participating daughters. The BOUNCE program has resulted in increasing minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity and decreasing abdominal obesity in minority girls.


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