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The University of Houston's Licensing Program protects and promotes the symbols and trademarks that represent UH and strengthens the university's ties to generations of UH alumni, students and fans. If you have an interest in using UH marks on merchandise, this page is for you. Detailed information about how the UH Licensing Program works, the types of licenses available, and how to apply for a UH license are provided. If you are a UH student, faculty or staff member who has questions about using UH marks, please refer to the UH Users (Students/Faculty/Staff) page. If you are a UH Partner looking for information about the use of UH marks in relation to an official partnership, please refer to the External Users page.

Table of Contents

UH System Policy

The use of the University of Houston's trademarks is governed by the UH System Policy linked below:

SAM 01.D.03 Trademark Management

This policy protects the University's brand, image and reputation by establishing guidelines and procedures governing when and how UH members and third parties outside the UH System may use UH Marks in communications and on merchandise. Most importantly, the policy mandates that any third party must be licensed in order to use UH Marks on merchandise.

Licensing with the University of Houston

All University of Houston license agreements are administered by Affinity Licensing, the University of Houston System's licensing agency of record. Only companies that have executed merchandise license agreements with Affinity Licensing have permission to produce merchandise bearing University of Houston trademarks, logos and other indicia.

Retail Merchandise

The Affinity merchandise license agreement allows a company to manufacture and market specified products bearing University of Houston trademarks through designated retail channels and directly to consumers. Licensees pay royalties to the University on all retail sales of licensed merchandise.

Internal Use Merchandise

The University's Trademark Management Policy establishes that sales of merchandise to University of Houston entities for internal and non-resale promotional use are exempt from royalty charges. The Affinity merchandise license agreement can support this policy for licensees who sell merchandise to UH entities.

Applying for a Retail License

If you wish to produce and market goods for sale or any other commercial venture using University of Houston trademarks, you can begin the application process by visiting the Affinity Licensing website.

Internal Use License and Promotional Merchandise

Any student, faculty or staff who are ordering promotional items or items for internal use bearing the UH Marks must use a licensed vendor and secure an internal approval via per the Brand Review process before the licensed vendor vendors are cleared to produce items.

If you are looking for internal (Student/Faculty/Staff) usage information, please find it on the UH Users (Students, Faculty and Staff) page.

UH Entities That Would Like to Order Items For Resale

Any student, faculty or staff who are ordering promotional items for resale bearing the UH Marks must use a licensed vendor. UH entities must secure an internal approval via per the Brand Review process before the licensed vendors is cleared to produce items. Licensed merchandise purchased for resale does not qualify for an internal use royalty exemption.


  • A college ordering a lapel pin with the university name/logo to sell at an alumni event must use a licensed vendor
  • A University division or department ordering a t-shirt for resale at a profit requires a university logo and use of licensed vendor
  • A student organization buying any product to sell (includes paid for or provided by membership fees, etc.):
    • With a university or college name in text
    • With a university logo

If a vendor is not licensed to use University of Houston Marks, the vendor will need to secure a license from the University's licensing agency, Affinity Licensing.

For a directory of licensed vendors and materials each vendor is licensed to produce with University of Houston Marks, please visit the Affinity Licensing website.

Products Not Approved for Licensing

Products considered dangerous or offensive will not be approved, including products promoting drugs or tobacco, and no products with an unusually high product liability risk will be approved per System Administrative Memorandum 01.D.03 - Trademark Management.

Affinity Licensing

If you have any other questions about licensing with the University of Houston System, please visit our licensing agency, Affinity Licensing.