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Brand Approvals and Requests

This page provides information to internal users who are submitting materials for brand review, requesting new or revised logos, or would like to request brand training. It also provides information to vendors who are interested in becoming licensed to use University of Houston trademarks. If you are looking for additional internal (faculty, staff, students) usage information, please find it on the UH Users (Students, Faculty, Staff) page. If you are looking for External Users/UH Partner usage information, please find it on the External Users page.

Table of Contents

Brand Approvals

The University of Houston reviews all materials bearing its registered logos, marks and symbols, including but not limited to marketing, communications and promotional items.

Brand Review

The Brand Management, Licensing & Trademarks team reviews materials daily. To ensure a quick response to questions, email the entire team at

Please follow these steps to ensure a quick brand review experience:

  1. Be knowledgeable. Read the guidelines on logo usage and send questions to UH Branding at
  2. Be prepared and timely. We recommend that you send your materials to 3-5 business days before you intend on using or implementing in case feedback is provided that may alter the design.
  3. Be patient. The first communication will come within 72 hours of your submission in the form of an approval or feedback for revisions.

Approvals will be valid for six months and resubmission, review and approval will be required again after that time. If the content of the originally approved submission is modified in any way before the six-month approval expires, it will require a new approval.

It is the responsibility of the submitter to ensure proper permissions for photos, artwork, images, external logos or intellectual property of a third party or that does not belong to the University of Houston.

Items must be submitted to by the UH entities or organizations ordering promotional items or creating materials and not by the licensed vendors being used.

In addition to the style guidelines and logo usage, the brand review team will also look for:

  1. Design flaws (i.e. blurry images, disproportion, etc.)
  2. Solicitation of funds. All communications that infer monetary exchange must be assigned an appeal code through the Office of Annual Giving. This includes events with a ticket price. The UH Brand Review team confirms there is a code.
  3. Any material containing the University President’s image will be reviewed by the vice president for marketing and communications, which may increase the length of approval time.

Prohibited Items

The University of Houston name, logos, marks and other branding elements cannot be used in the promotion of products promoting drugs or tobacco.


Exceptions to the university brand must be approved by the Division of University Marketing and Communications and are available only to non-academic, public-facing entities.

Exceptions are not available to a college, a degree program, an official business department, or any other established unit of the University of Houston or University of Houston System.

Please visit the External Users page for information on non-commercial use and types of partnerships.

If you have any questions, please contact

We encourage you to become familiar with the UH Brand Identity & Guidelines and learn more about the Brand Review process, prior to submitting materials to for review.

Logo Request

To request a new logo or logo updates (i.e. name change, reorganization, etc.) for official campus business, please complete the UH Logo Request form.

If you are interested in accessing a current UH logo, you can obtain approved logos online via: Download Zone, where you can find a variety of resources and files available for download.

IP Permission Request

Individuals, companies or organizations outside the University of Houston seeking to use UH brand indicia for non-commercial purposes can learn more about the process on the External Users page.

Brand Education and Training Requests

Brand Management, Licensing & Trademarks is committed to helping every UH brand user achieve success. If you’re interested in receiving training about the UH brand or review and approval processes, have questions about a new campaign or marketing project and need brand feedback, or have questions about branding for external partnerships, please complete and submit BMLT Inquiry Form, and we’ll get in touch with you to set up a training or a consultation session.