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Master of Science in Architecture – Concentration in Media + Fabrication

Master of Science in Architecture – Concentration in Media + Fabrication

The Master of Science in Architecture with a concentration in media and fabrication [MS ARCH in Media + Fabrication] is a post-professional degree focusing on contemporary technology and architecture. The degree provides an integrative way of looking at new media, digital technologies, and advanced fabrication methods focused on developing the ability to fluidly navigate and integrate the expansive landscape of media technologies. This program investigates virtual applications, design media, and digital fabrication technologies and their opportunities to inform and engage architecture.

Using the newly formed Construction Robotics and Fabrication Technology Lab alongside the Burdette Keeland, Jr. Design Exploration Lab, these facilities are home to various applied research investigations, including materials research, building envelope investigations, social design, and prototyping for mass production. Specific knowledge areas include but are not limited to:

  • Advanced Computation and Parametric Design
  • Digital Fabrication and Robotics
  • 3D printing / Additive Manufacturing
  • Interactive Technologies and Responsive Systems
  • Building Information Modeling [BIM]
  • Advanced Visualization and Simulation
  • History and Theory of Digital Design
  • Experimental and Emerging Technologies 

Students develop an individual presence within the diverse options and the range of complex digital capabilities available within the College. Through their master’s project, students work on independent inquiries challenging the potential of traditional methodologies and processes with advanced digital tools engaging both spatial ideas and their corresponding physical components with great clarity, efficiency, and innovative modes of application. This degree intensively focuses on the emergent opportunities of computational tools to lead and expand architectural design, theory, and practice.

Degree Plan 

This degree is a design-based program centered on the studio, for students already possessing a professional degree in architecture, urban planning, urban design, landscape architecture, or related design fields. It integrates advanced technologies with architecture, to challenge both the means and the product of design. Individual flexibility to the technologies engaged is provided through the diverse and flexible curricular offerings. The program prepares students for design-based research and professional practice at the cutting edge of media design and fabrication. The two-semester program consists of 36 academic credits in consecutive fall and spring semesters.

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