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The A. D. Bruce Religion Center is located within the heart of the University of Houston Campus. The Religion Center is available for religious occasions to members of the community, currently enrolled students, alumni, and currently employed administrators, faculty, and staff. The chapel is located on the 548-acre university campus and is surrounded by parks, fountains, and plazas. Over 200 weddings are conducted here each year in one of Houston's most beautiful and popular chapels, the University Chapel.


The A. D. Bruce Religion Center boasts two chapels. The University Chapel has the capacity to seat 275 people and is the more popular of the two. The Meditation Chapel has a capacity for 30 people. The area covered by the wedding reservation includes only the chapel itself and in the case of the main chapel, the adjoining lobby, and assigned dressing rooms. Organists are available at an additional fee.

Wedding Policies

Wedding policies for the A.D. Bruce Religion Center have been established by the Religion Center Policy Board, a University-wide committee made up of representatives of the student body, faculty, administration, and campus religious groups. These policies seek to accommodate wedding parties while at the same time taking into consideration the needs of University-related groups, which also use the Center for various other purposes. These policies, coupled with the overall Calendar Board Policies on the use of University facilities, give the official University posture on the use of the A.D. Bruce Religion Center for weddings and other University Chapel special events.


Wedding reservation requests can be made for any future date and are taken on a first received first honored basis. Brides and their families should check for date and time availability BEFORE securing the services of a reception facility.

A TENTATIVE Booking indicates the space/facility is reserved with complete event details included but full payment is still outstanding.

A CONFIRMED Booking indicates the space/facility is reserved, all fees are paid in full and all event details/information have been submitted.


Weddings may be scheduled in the Religion Center for Saturdays and Sundays. Weddings may be held any day of the week ONLY during vacation periods and other times when classes are not in session. No weddings may be scheduled during official university holidays or high holy days of the charter religious groups. Wedding time blocks are specific. A wedding party may request two back-to-back time blocks to accommodate an expanded ceremony and will be charged for two time blocks. The Saturday morning time block is set for 3 hours. All other Saturday and Sunday time blocks are two hours.