Spanish Major

Chair: Dr. Anadeli Bencomo

In addition to completing the degree requirements for the Bachelor of Arts, students majoring in Spanish must complete 27 semester hours in Spanish at the advanced level (3000-4000). Spanish majors must take a minimum 15 credit hours in residence with the Department of Hispanic Studies, not including credit by exam or study abroad. Advanced-level courses must include the following:

  1. SPAN 3301 (or 3307 for students on the heritage track)
  2. SPAN 3302 (or 3308 for students on the heritage track)
  3. SPAN 3306: Introduction to the Study of the Spanish Language
  4. SPAN 3384: Introduction to Hispanic Literature
  5. Fifteen hours from one or more of the following areas, including six hours at the 4000 level: Literature, Linguistics, Culture, Applied Spanish (business, education, translation, etc.)
  6. At least 2302-level proficiency in a second foreign language is required. This requirement will be waived for Spanish majors who complete a second major.  This includes PB students who decide to pursue a second bachelor's degree in Spanish.

Placement and Credit by Examination:

The Spanish Program offers two basic language programs that satisfy the foreign language requirement and prepare students for upper-division courses in linguistics, culture, literature, business and other practical areas:

  1. Basic Spanish Language Program for Spanish Foreign Language Students. (A four semester sequence: SPAN 1501, 1502, 2301, 2302 - This program is designed for students whose home language is not Spanish.)
  • Students with previous studies in Spanish are required to take a placement exam, at the Testing Center (Student Service Center, 2nd floor), before enrollment. Enroll (register) online at
  • Eligibility for credit by examination is determined by subsequent enrollment and academic performance in the class into which the student was placed. See departmental advisor for further information.  
  1. Spanish Program for Hispanic Heritage Learners. (SPAN 2307/2308- Heritage language learners are students who grew up speaking Spanish at home). Hispanic Studies offers a Placement/Credit Exam designed for Hispanic heritage learners, who are required to take this exam before enrolling in a Spanish course. Students may be placed in SPAN 1507, 2307, 2308, 3308, or higher, and may earn up to 12 semester hours in Spanish. Credit at the 4000-level may not be earned by examination. For designated test times, see schedule online at

Advanced Placement Credit

For information about AP credit see the "Credit by Examination" information in the Office of Admissions website.

The department also offers a Master of Arts degree and a Doctor of Philosophy in Spanish. For general graduate admissions requirements and listing of courses, contact the respective graduate advisors in the Department of Hispanic Studies and consult the Graduate and Professional Studies catalog.

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