Political Science Major

Students must earn a minimum 2.00 grade point average in all courses in the major (required or elective) attempted at this university.

Students who choose to major in Political Science must also meet the university core requirements and the college core requirements for a CLASS Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree:

30 hours, excluding POLS 1336, 1337 (at least 24 advanced), to include:

Requirements Hours
POLS 3310
POLS 3311 or 3313
POLS 3314, 3318, or 3319
POLS 3311, 3312, 3313, 3314, 3316, 3318, or 3319
POLS electives (advanced)
POLS electives (any level)

POLS 1336 and 1337 or equivalents may not be applied toward the major. Students must complete at least 15 of the required 30 semester hours in political science in residence at the University of Houston. Twelve of these 15 hours must be advanced. Transferred credit to be counted toward the Political Science major requirements must have a grade of C- or better. No more than six total semester hours of grades of D in political science will be applied toward degree requirements in the major. No more than six semester hours of special problems courses and/or internships may be used to satisfy any major requirement in political science.

Students are encouraged to distribute course work in political science over several of the following areas: American politics, comparative politics, international politics, public administration, public law, political theory, and methodology.

For additional information, write call or visit our Web site:

University of Houston
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Department of Political Science
447 Philip G. Hoffman Hall
Houston, Texas 77204-3011



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