Sociology Major

After completion of SOC 1300 and SOC 3300 or SOC 3400 with a minimum grade of C in each course, a student may petition the Department of Sociology to declare a major in Sociology. Students must earn a minimum 2.00 grade point average in all courses in the major (required or elective) attempted at this university.

Students who choose to major in Sociology must also meet the university core requirements and the college core requirements for a Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree.

32 hours (29 advanced) to include:

Sociology Requirements
Requirements Hours
SOC 1300, 3300, 3400, and 3401
SOC Electives (advanced)

Students should plan to complete SOC 3300 and SOC 3400 by the end of their junior year. Students should plan to complete SOC 3401 by early in their senior year.

Students must complete at least 18 of the required 32 semester hours in sociology in residence at the University of Houston. Fifteen of these 18 hours must be advanced. Transferred credit to be counted toward the sociology major requirements must have a grade of C- or better.

Sociology majors must have an approved minor to graduate. Interdisciplinary Cluster options #1 or #2 may not be used to fulfill graduation requirements.


For additional information, write, call, or visit the Web site:

University of Houston
Department of Sociology
Attn: Undergraduate Advisor
450 Philip G. Hoffman Hall
Houston, Texas 77204-3012


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