Bachelor of Arts in Art

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Art will benefit students wishing to pursue a program that places great emphasis on the liberal arts, but with a strong concentration in the field of art. In addition to the college requirements for the Bachelor of Arts, a minimum of 51 semester hours in Art is required. Students who are interested in careers in teaching Art from Early Childhood through 12th Grade and wish to work toward eventual teaching certification, may benefit from incorporating the Minor in Education in fulfillment of the BA degree requirements. Students interested in the Minor in Education should contact the College of Education about the minor requirements and application process, and they should also seek advising in the School of Art about content courses that support this goal.

The Bachelor of Arts in Art requires:

  1. ART 1301 Fundamentals of Drawing and 12 additional hours in foundation program studio courses.
  2. ARTH 1380 and ARTH 1381 Art & Society: Prehistoric to Gothic and Art & Society: Renaissance to Modern, plus one course at the 3000/4000 level in a subject related to 20th Century to the Present, and one additional courses in art history at the 2000/3000 or 4000 level.
  3. 24 semester hours in related arts level studio courses of which 21 semester hours must be at the 3000 or 4000 level, and no more than 9 semester hours may be taken in any one studio discipline.

Students may only enroll for courses for which they have fulfilled the prerequisites. Students should seek advising in the School of Art Office for recommended courses and to achieve the proper balance across the studio disciplines.

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