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Mading Society

2018 Mading Society Dinner & Induction 

6 p.m.-10 p.m. Friday, Oct. 5
Bell Tower on 34th Street901 W 34th St, Houston, TX 77018
Venue phone: 713-868-2355

Questions/RSVP: Mary Reed, 713-743-1252

About the Society

The Mading Society was established in 1997 by the University of Houston College of Pharmacy to recognize individual donors who have made gifts or bequests of $10,000 or more to the college. In 1998, membership privileges were extended to corporations and foundations that contribute $25,000 or more in cumulative gifts to the college.

The society was named in memory of Cora and Webb Mading, the first major benefactors of the college. Upon the death of Mr. Mading in 1953, the college was bequeathed $20,000 to establish an endowment for students.

Click here to download/view Mading Society PDF.

The current Mading Society members are:

Ms. Evelyn Berkowitz
Mr. Bourjois Abboud and Mrs. Micheline Abboud
Dr. Lydia Aguilera
Ms. Mary Eileen Alam
Mr. Roy A. Armstrong
Robert L. Boblitt Jr.
Dr. Karim Alkadhi and Dr. Ann Bragdon
American Pharmacies Rx
Mr. Charles R. Atkinson*
Ms. Evelyn Berkowitz
Bexar County Pharmacy Association
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce V. Biundo
Ms. Vicki Blythe
Mr. Earl W. Bradley, Jr.
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Brookshire Brothers
Mrs. Shirley S. Buckley*
Dr. Linda Vu Caesar and Mr. Greg Caesar
Mr. Sunny Chin and Mrs. June Chin
Dr. Diana S-L. Chow
Mr. E. Marshall Clouser
Mr. Kaizar Colombowala
Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Mr. Celso Cuellar, Jr.
Ms. Lourdes M. Cuellar
CVS Corporation
Mr. Robert de Lachica and Mrs. Linda de Lachica
Mr. and Mrs. David DeVido
Karin and Randell Dickey
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Downing
Mr. J.D. Doyle
Mr. Carl W. Driever
Dr. Douglas C. Eikenburg
Dr. Rita A. English
Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Fadal
Mr. Joe Clay Fischer, Jr.
Mr. Dana S. Fitzsimmons
Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Pablo Fonseca
Mr. W. Benjamin Fry
Mr. and Mrs. John Gee
Mr. Wayne Gentsch* and Mrs. Dolores Gentsch
Glaxo Wellcome Inc.
Dr. Vishnu D. Gupta* and Mrs. Kanta K. Gupta
H-E-B Grocery Co.
Mr. Bill Handal and Mrs. Jalana Handal
Drs. Jennifer Harrison and Jeffrey B. Harrison
Mr. Patrick Healy
Dr. and Mrs. James Hesbrook
The Honorable Charles L. "Chuck" Hopson and Mrs. Billie Hopson
Mr. Tom E. Horner*
Dr. Katherine Clouser Hunt
Mrs. Kathleen R. Hurtado
Mr. Thurman "Joe" Ickes and Mrs. Marsha Ickes
Invion Ltd.
Ms. Barbara A. Irons
Mrs. Dana Doyle Johnson
Mr. Galen Johnson and Mrs. Lynne Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Alton Kanak
Mr. Linzay L. Kelly
Kelsey Research Foundation
Mr. J. W. “Bubba” Kolbe*
Mr. Kenneth Korthauer* and Mrs. Patty Korthauer
The Kroger Co. Foundation
Mr. Gene Lake and Mrs. Susan Lake
Dr. Sze Wah Johnny Lau
Mr. Henry Lehrman*
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Lemke
Ms. Barbara Lewis
Mr. Prithvipal Likhari and Mrs. Manmeet Likhari
Dr. and Mrs. Mustafa F. Lokhandwala
Mr. F. Paul Lott and Mrs. Angela Andries-Lott
Mr. John J. Lovoi, Sr. and Mrs. Paula Lovoi
Mr. Vincent Luparello and Mrs. Kaye Luparello
Mr. Marc Malacoff and Mrs. Lena Malacoff
Mr. and Mrs. Salvador Marcello
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Martino
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Mattea
Mr. Harry Melnick
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Miller
Mr. Michael D. Monzingo
Mr. William Morgan and Mrs. Marjorie Morgan
NACDS Education Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. William Neill
Drs. Sunny and Ekanem Ohia
Mr. and Mrs. Michael O'Neill
Ms. Janis Parsley
Mr. and Mrs. Nilkanth Patel
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pemberton
Pfizer, Inc.
Pharmacia & Upjohn, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Pieratt
Dr. F. Lamar Pritchard & Mrs. Judy Pritchard
Mr. Mallik Putcha
Randall’s Food Markets, Inc.
Mr. Jay (Richie) Ray II
Mr. and Mrs. Gary K. Rice
Ms. Elizabeth D. Rockwell*
Mr. R. Louis Rumsey and Mrs. Anne Rumsey
Mrs. Paula Sabrsula and Mr. Scott Sabrsula
Mrs. Carrie McClain Sacky
Safeway, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee Scholz
Dr. Lynn A. Simpson and Mr. Bill Simpson
Dr. Andrea L. Smesny
Mrs. Marybob Smith
Mr. Michael J. Smith
Mr. David Sparks and Mrs. Kay Sparks*
Mr. Derek Spier and Mrs. Julie Spier
Mr. John Stephenson and Mrs. Linda Stephenson
Drs. Julianna E. Szilagyi and David R. Caprette
Tarrant County Pharmacy Association
Siby and Stanley Thomas
Dr. Francisco L. "Frank" Torres
Mr. Charles Trahan and Mrs. Mona Trahan
TSHP Research & Education Foundation
UH College of Pharmacy Alumni Association
Walmart Stores Inc.
Drs. David A. and Sarah Lake Wallace
Ms. Sandra Evans Webb and Mr. Thomas J. Webb*
Cecilia Webber*
Mrs. Sharla R. Wertheimer
Ms. May J. Woo
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
Ms. Shara Zatopek and Mr. Porter Everts*