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Instructional Design Support

Instructional Technology Design Assistance

How Can Instructional Design Assist You?

  • Assess overall course effectiveness.
  • Determine which course elements can be delivered online to maximize in-class time.
  • Design, develop, and implement technology-enhanced courses.
  • Identify appropriate technologies to achieve course objectives.
  • Provide support and revisions as courses progress.
  • Provide support and training to implement new technology and all functions to Blackboard Learn.

To accomplish these objectives, instructors with the following:

  • Blackboard Learn
    • One-on-one training
    • Course requests and design
    • Ongoing support/trouble-shooting during the semester
    • Grade Book management
    • Creating assessments and surveys
    • Integrative technologies
      • Turnitin
      • Wimba Voice tools
      • Wimba Live Classroom
  • Course development
  • Instructional software training
    • PowerPoint: Integrating video/sound; conversion to web format (Impatica)
    • Respondus/Exam View: uploading entire exams
    • Snagit
    • Hot Potatoes
    • Creating PDF files
  • Scanning graphics and documents
  • Student response systems
  • Syllabus design or redesign
  • Video and audio taping and editing

Our goal is to support your efforts to create an engaging, effective and challenging learning experience for your students.

For more information on how Instructional Design Support services, please contact:

Paul Boyle

Director, College Education Technology