Sponsored Account Procedure

Effective August 15, 2015:

Please note, effective  August 15, 2015, the following changes will be implemented regarding Personal Sponsored Account Application form concerning Electronic Person of Interest (ePOI) process.  These changes have been made to enhance the security and effectiveness of the ePOI process.

1)  The following fields will be required for all POI Types: 

  • Home Phone
  • Email Address
  • Home Address
  • Date of Birth

2)  The ePOI Planned Exit Date will be one year from the Effective Date of the ePOI for all POI Types, with the exception of following POI Types:

  • The following POI Types will have a Planned Exit Date that is 90 days from the Effective Date, however, it can be increased to maximum of 1 year from the Effective Date.
    1. Future Employees
    2. Future Faculty
    3. Guests
    4. Guest Speakers
    5. Off Campus Personnel (OCP) - Off Campus Vendors
    6. Off Campus Personnel (OCP) - On Campus Vendors
    7. Off Campus Personnel (OCP) - Volunteers
  • Board of Directors will have a Planned Exit Date that is 3 years from the Effective Date.

Information concerning ePOI process will be updated if and when further changes are made to this process.

All Sponsorships will require a myUH (PeopleSoft) ID number before we can process the sponsorship application.

The Persons of Interest (ePOI) process in PeopleSoft was developed to grant non-UH persons with temporary access to UH resources for the purpose of university business continuity.  The ePOI process establishes what relationship the non-UH person will have with the university while they conduct business on campus.  This is a common interest and goal for various departments on campus, so that we have ample information to verify who is using our campus resources. Participating department systems will receive the ePOI information automatically.

The process for POI requires the following two steps for sponsorship.

Step 1

The sponsor will apply for sponsorship with their college or department business office. The college or department business administrator will fill out the ePOI form in PeopleSoft based on the information collected from the non-UH applicant.

Depending on the type of ePOI, the following information regarding the non-UH person should be available to facilitate the process:

  1. Full name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Gender
  4. Unique Identifier
    Driver License Country, State and Number
    Visa/Permit Type and Number
  5. Security Access Type
    009 Person of Interest
  6. POI Type
    Select from list that best describes the applicant
  7. POI Effective Date
  8. Planned Exit Date (Date sponsorship should end)
  9. myUH ID of sponsor
  10. Home address
  11. Home Phone Number
  12. E-mail address

Once the ePOI form is completed, HR will process it and, if necessary, a myUH ID will be generated.  Participating departments who require ePOI information will receive it via automated feeds so they can provide the services that are available to these non-UH individuals. 

Step 2

Complete the Sponsored Personal Account Application for individual accounts.

This form will only be processed after HR has approved the ePOI form. 

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