Finding Your ID Number

Don't know your UH Identification Number (UHID)?

If you have one of the new black Cougar 1Cards, then your student ID number is listed as a 9-character number on the back. Be sure to include the first two initial letters, as well.
(e.g.: Hxxxxxxxx)


Don't know your Employee ID?

UH Main Campus Employees

If you do not know your Employee Identification Number, look on your pay advice sheet (also known as a "pay stub") or contact your Department Business Administrator.


Don't know your Cougar Card number?

If you have a red Cougar Card, then your student ID number is the 16-digit number on the front of the card.
(e.g.: 601814xxxxxxxxxx)


Don't know any of these ID numbers?

If you do not know your UH Identification Number, Employee ID, or Cougar Card number, you can also use the last 5 digits of your Social Security Number.

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