Disbursement of Aid


Beginning Fall 2014, financial aid funds will disburse to students' financial accounts based on the following schedule.

Fall 2014

Fall 2014
Refund Generation

(i.e., Pell, Texas, Tuition Grant, etc.)
Afternoon of September 11
September 12
Federal Loans
(Subsidized, Unsubsidized, Plus)
Afternoon of August 25
August 26

Private Loans
(From your Lender)

Afternoon of August 25
August 26
State Loans
(Be On Time, Cal, Texas Armed Forces)
Afternoon of August 25
August 26
  • All Loans and Scholarships will begin disbursing the first week of classes as long as you are meeting the enrollment requirements (listed below) and as long as your classes have already started. If you are enrolled in a session that starts later in the semester, your aid will not disburse until all of your sessions start and reach the official reporting date.
  • All Grants will disburse immediately after the 12th class day of the latest enrolled term (the Official Reporting Day for that session), if you are meeting the enrollment requirement.

This allows students to make changes to their enrollment status prior to the Official Reporting Day without adversely affecting their financial aid status.

Enrollment and Disbursement Requirements

Students must be meeting the enrollment requirements of their awards in order for their aid to disburse in a timely fashion.

Loan Requirements for 2014-2015:

The amount of Federal Loans you receive is based on your yearly eligibility and requires at least six (undergraduate) or five (graduate) hours of enrollment for the semester to be eligible to receive any amount. As noted on your student disclosure, changes in enrollment may result in delays, adjustments or cancellation of your pending aid. All students have been awarded based on an assumed full-time status, if you are not enrolled full time, your aid and refund may be adjusted. These adjustments will take place after the Official Reporting Date (ORD), which is September 10, 2014, for Fall 2014 and February 4, 2015, for Spring 2015. For more information on Private Loan disbursement, please view our Alternative Loans Page.

Grant Requirements for 2014-2015:

All grants will disburse immediately after the Official Reporting Day (ORD) of your latest enrolled session, which is September 10, 2014, and February 4, 2015, for Spring 2015 doe Sessions 1, 2 and 3. If you are enrolled in Sessions 4-6, your disbursement will not occur until we have reached the Official Reporting Date of your latest enrolled session. This will allow you to make changes to your enrollment status without affecting your financial aid status. Since Session 1 classes cannot be added after September 2 (for Fall 2014) or dropped without a "W" after September 10, grant awards will not require adjustments after they are disbursed. This will reduce the risk of students owing the university money because of an over-award situation.

Type of Grant Enrollment Requirements
Pell Grant The amount of Pell Grant you receive is based on the number of hours you are enrolled in, as of the 12th day of class for the latest enrolled session; the information you provided on the FAFSA,
and your lifetime limits already utilized.
Federal Supplemental
Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
At least 9 credit hours
*Texas Public Education Grant At least 9 credit hours
*TEXAS Grant At least 9 credit hours
*Undergraduate or Graduate Tuition Grant At least 9 credit hours for undergraduate students and
at least 9 credit hours for graduate students

*Students expected to graduate Fall 2014 with enrollment less than the required hours are eligible to receive a grant award at a reduced prorated amount. Students who have applied for graduation for Fall 2014 should complete a revision request form to our office to adjust aid before disbursement.

Please note that if you have satisfied all application and disbursement requirements and met the conditions of the award, your financial aid will be automatically credited to your UH fee bill as payment during the scheduled disbursement time. If you have financial aid remaining after your tuition has been paid, the Bursar's office, known as the Student Financial Services office, will forward the balance to you. You must activate your Higher One Refund Card and select how you would like to receive your funds:

  • balance transfer to your Higher One Account
  • direct deposit to your private bank account

For more information on activation and Higher One services, visit https://cougarone.com/.

For More Info: Disbursement FAQs.

Revisions and Cancellation of Aid
The university reserves the right to review, revise or cancel all financial aid at any time due to changes in your enrollment, financial and/or academic status or failure to comply with federal or state laws and regulations, including financial verification, audit procedures and university policies. In addition, all financial aid is subject to revision based on the funds received by the university from the federal or state government and any changes to federal or state laws, regulations or policies. This revision may occur after disbursement or after the semester has concluded.

Aid Revisions After Drop/Add Period
If your financial aid is disbursed at the beginning of the semester and you reduce your number of enrolled hours within the drop/add period, your aid will be adjusted to reflect your semester registration. If your reduced enrollment results in less eligibility for aid, you will be charged for the overpayment of financial aid — creating a balance due on your UH student account.

Undergraduate and Professional Enrollment

Hours Status
1 - 5 less than 1/2 time
6 - 8 1/2 time
9 - 11 3/4 time
12+ full-time

Graduate Enrollment

Hours Status
0 - 4 less than 1/2 time
5 - 6 1/2 time
7 - 8 3/4 time
9+ full-time