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Refunds FAQ

How do I receive a refund of unused monies associated with tuition, fees, and/or financial aid from the University of Houston?
If you have a credit balance on your account as a result of financial aid “feeding” to your account; then that money will automatically generate a refund to you without any action on your part. If the credit balance on your account is created for another reason then you will need to sign in to your myUH self-service account and request the refund. For students who pay with credit card, their credit refund will apply back to the original card.
What is the refund policy regarding adding/dropping classes?
It is recommended that you go to the following website and study the explanation for refunds/credits for an explanation of how they are applied.
What are my refund options?
You have two options:
  1. You can elect to have your refund deposited to the bank account of your choice;
  2. You can have your refund deposited to a Higher One account
Can I have my refund directly deposited/transferred to my personal bank account?
Yes, you can have the refund sent to your bank account at the bank of your choice (U.S. Bank). You may do this by entering your banking information, as located on the bottom of your check, at the following website:
How long does it take to have my refund deposited/transferred into my personal bank account?
If you select this method of refund, it should appear in your personal checking account within 48-72 hours of the refund’s creation.
What is the Higher One Account?
Generally speaking, the OneAccount is an optional account through Higher One where students may elect to receive refunds from the University. Again this is optional; the University recommends that you set up direct deposit. For more information regarding the OneAccount, please visit
What is Higher One?
Higher One is a financial services company that provides refund management services to colleges and universities.