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Major Match

Congratulations! You've been admitted as a transfer student to the University of Houston.
However, if you want to consider changing to a different major, we can help.

Our most successful transfer students commit to a major in which they have a sincere interest, which matches their strengths, and which clearly leads toward a professional goal. Choosing a major is more than just picking from a list—it requires careful thought as well as input from an advising professional.

If you would like to consider another major, please see the two options below.

Option #1: Use Major Match Online

If you'd like to begin on your own, follow these three steps to explore your major possibilities.

Step 1: Take a second look at UH majors

The first step is to finding a major that will work for you is to narrow down your interests in majors.

Use the “Career Clusters” below to look at UH majors by similarity in career preparation—you can quickly compare majors that prepare you for careers with common features to narrow your choices to fit your interests, professional goals, and entrance criteria. There may be a major here you never even considered! Click on any major title to explore more on that major’s website. [each major’s college is listed in brackets].

Step 2: Confirm your eligibility

In order to change your major, you must meet that major’s Transfer Student Admission Requirements (Column 1, organized by college), including GPA, prerequisite courses, and other criteria.

Note: It might be tempting to select a major at the time of admissions and plan to continue working toward requirements to be admitted to another major in the future. If this is your plan, please consider this very important advice:
  1. The admissions requirements for current UH students are different than those for transfer students. Check the Requirements for UH Student Change of Major (Column 2), to be sure you clearly understand the goals toward which you are working and how many semesters it may take you to meet prerequisite criteria.
  2. Your assigned advisor in your admitted major will be able to advise you on requirements for THAT major only.
  3. Some majors have advising for prospective major-changers. See the appropriate Undergraduate Advising office for more information.
  4. Some majors require that students take courses toward that major. You will want to confirm those expectations with an advisor in that college to be sure you are in good standing in your major.
  5. Remember that your ultimate goal is to graduate from the University of Houston. You can be successful in a major even if it isn’t the major you originally intended. Keep an open mind to your possibilities for success!

Step 3: Request to Change your Major

If you believe you meet the Transfer Student Admission Requirements for your major of choice, you can request to change your major. Make sure to make your request at least a week before your scheduled ART orientation date so your request can be reviewed and your new college can prepare for your participation.

Option #2: Make an Appointment with a Transfer Advisor

If you prefer, make an appointment with a UH Transfer Advisor to review alternate majors that meet your educational and career goals. This face-to-face conversation will inform you about the University’s change-of-major requirements and policies and will give you the knowledge you need to identify your “best fit” major and register for the right classes at orientation.

  • Questions about your admissions status? Contact the Office of Admissions at 713-743-1010.
  • Questions about Major Match? Contact the Undergraduate Student Success Center at 832-842-2100 or

That’s it! Welcome to the Cougar Nation—we can't wait to meet you at your ART Orientation, and we look forward to seeing you succeed here at the University of Houston!